movieEXTRACTION (2020) | Netflix- Review Cast Trailer Ratings

EXTRACTION (2020) | Netflix- Review Cast Trailer Ratings


Netflix’s Extraction | Latest Hollywood Movie | Review, Cast, Release Date| Moviespotify 2020

Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Ghostbusters Reboot’ and ‘Thor’ series have seen a steady increase in his fan count due to his best roles so far. But according to many he has not been able to meet the scale of attraction of a star in the new Netflix action movie ‘Extraction’. 
Is it really Hemsworth’s acting mistake or is it because of the stunt directors of films like ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and ‘Captain America: Civil War’, who have directed the film.
Release date:   24 April 2020
Director:          Sam  Hargrave
Producer:         Chris Hemsworth

Cast:                Chris Hemsworth 
                         (Tyler Rake), 
                         (Nik Khan), 
                         (Ovi Mahajan), 
                         Pankaj Tripathi 
                         (ovi Mahajan Sr), 
                         Chris Jai Alex
                         Adam Bessa 
                         (Yaz Kahn), 
                         Wayne Blair 
                         Rayna Campbell 
                         Vonzell Carter
                         David Harbour 
                         Sam Hargrave
                         (Gunner 1), 
                         Neha Mahajan 
                         Patrick Newall 
                         (Amir Asif), 


IMDb 6.9/10
Rotten Tomatoes 64%
MovieSpotify 3.5/5

Netflix’s Extraction | Storyline, Review | Moviespotify

Extraction Review story
In the Story ofExtraction, ChirsHemsworth plays the role of a man named ‘Tyler Rake’ who tries to save ‘Ovi’ (RudrakshJaiswal), the son of a drug mafia (Pankaj Tripathi). Ovi is kidnapped by the drug mafia of Dhaka, whose rake is called to Dhaka, Bangladesh to free him from the clutches. 
The state of Dhaka’s drug mafia also helps here. On the other end from the Indian drug mafia, ‘Saju’ (RandeepHooda) is also sent to Dhaka for Ovi’s safety. In the struggle to rescue Ovi, the story goes ahead and all the action scenes are filmed.

Extraction Movie Review

Like most action thrillers, Extraction does not get into the depth of the layers and characters of the plot. In the film, the characters play their part in small episodes. 

There is hardly any information about those grey shades characters and their world – such as any information about the drug industry, the nexus between the criminals of Dhaka and the state, the personal life of Tyler and his team. The film is completely silent on all these things.

However, at the level of thrill, 16 minutes shot as a single shot seems like stopping breath. When the police find Tyler and Ovi and they hide in the buildings of the city. During this time, Tyrel faces an AK-47 of a dozen policemen with his single shoot gun. 
In the other sequence, jumping from buildings and fighting Tyral and Saju between traffic and the moving road. The use of sniper and assault rifle in the climax battle definitely thrills.
At the level of cinematography, pan cameras and VFX have been used in film in a better way. In films like action thrillers it becomes extremely important at this level that the gap between reality and illusion be minimized. An attempt has been made to maintain this level in the film.

Extraction Trailer|Netflix



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