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Jack Ryan Season 1 | Season 2 cast, review | Season 3 Release date, Storyline[2020]


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Jack Ryan

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is an Amazon Original American thriller spy web series. The show is based on the series of books by author Tom Clancy. 

The show released its two seasons on amazon prime. The makers has announced news on release of season 3, now the fans are eagerly waiting for Jack Ryan season 3.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 1 | Season 2

First Release date: 31 August 2018

Producer:  NazrinChoudhury
                   Jose Luis Ecolar
                   Robert phillips

Genre: Action, political thriller

Cast:         John Kransinski,
                  (Jack Ryan)
                  Wendell Pierce,
                   (james greer) 
                  Abbie Cornish
                   (Cathy mueller)
                  Dina Shihabi,
                  Michael Kelly
                   (Mike november)
                  Jordi molla
                   (Precident Nicolas)
                  Cristina Umana
                   (gloria blonalde)

Season:  2

Number of episodes: 16


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Jack Ryan | Season 1, Season 2 | PlotReview | Moviespotify

Jack Ryan | Season 1

Jack Ryan season 1 was released in 31 August 2018. In first season they have shown Jack Ryan as the CIA analyst. The role of jack is played by The Office star John Krasinski.

 In the show he is paying the role of an analyst, the first season is about the CIA analyst who goes on and work on site rather than on his desk and he discover some suspicious bank transfers by the group of terrorist.

The story of the show shows how the analyst goes on the hunt for the terrorist. Later he found that the terrorist possess a great threat to his country as they planning something big.

The first part of the show received a lot of positive response from the people all over the world. Before the release they dropped many teasers giving short insights about the series jack Ryan. It has developed a huge fan base of Jack Ryan series.

Jack Ryan | Season 1 Trailer

List of episodes:
·       Season 1
    1.    Pilot
    2.    French connection
    3.    Black 22
    4.    The wolf
    5.    End of honor
    6.    Sources and methods
    7.    The boy
    8.    Inshallah

Jack Ryan | Season 2 :

After the success of season 1, Amazon Prime renewed the 2nd part of the series since the fans are waiting eagerly for Jack Ryan Season 2.

Jack Ryan Season 2 was released on Amazon Prime on 1 Nov 2019. In second season we can see a political warfare going on in Venezuelan. In the jungle of Venezuelan there were going on some suspicious illegal activities.

After this our spy analyst Jack Ryaninvestigate and found out that the president has connection with the illegal activities going on in Venezuelan. 

In return the president tries to stop him, thus the whole story revolves around the chase of president and Jack Ryan to stop each other.


Jack Ryan Season 2 has received the same response as they received for Jack Ryan season 1 and even better. They have successfully maintained the level of thrill, action as there was in season 1.

The People have loved the character of Jack Ryan because of his acting and looks. Overall then fans are satisfied by the season 2 of Jack Ryan. 

The makers are not stopping here they have announced a season 3 of Jack Ryan.

Jack Ryan | Season 2 Trailer :

List of episodes:

    ·       Season 2
    1.    Cargo
    2.    Tertiaoptio
    3.    Orinoco
    4.    Dressed to kill
    5.    Blue gold
    6.    Persona non grata
    7.    Dios y federaction
    8.    Strongman

Jack Ryan Season 3 | Release date, Expected storyline| Moviespotify

After the huge positive response on the two seasons of Jack Ryan, the makers have announced Jack Ryan Season 3 is coming in the series soon. 

Since then the fans are eagerly waiting for the Third season of Jack Ryan.

Jack Ryan Season 3 Release date :

The production of Jack Ryan is really very efficient. Jack Ryan Season 1 was premiered on 13 august 2018. Just after a year they premiered a season 2 of the series on 31 October 2019.

The makers has already renewed the part 3 of the series. So we can get Jack Ryan season 3 within a year. But with the current epidemic across the world the release of the series may take some more time.

Expected Storyline of Season 3

Throughout the two season we have seen a change in Jack Ryan’s character that he just wanted to deliver be a CIA analyst, and doesn’t want to get in any kind of onsite fights. 

There is a possibility that they can mainly focus on his analyst background, nothing is sure we may get to see Jack solving a much more intense case in next part.

The show Jack Ryan is based on Tom Clancy’s Ryanverse that’s why many fans are trying to combine book plot and series plot. 

But let me tell you the plot season 1 and season 2 in book are not same as in series. So even if you find something it will not help much.

Possible Changes in Cast of Season 3 :

As of now Jack Ryan is the only confirmed character that we can see in season three. It is also possible that we may not see many of the famous character of Jack Ryan season 1 and  Jack Ryan season 2. Because in season 2 many of the famous actor from season 1 are not there like Cathy Mueller.

There is also a possibility that we may not see the great duo of Jack and GreerAs viewers will remember in the end of Jack ryan season 2 he can be seen having a heart condition which has affected his ability to work.
There can be more changes in the cast of Jack Ryan Season 3.

Hope you have liked our post, if you have any suggestions comment and let us know.

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