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Netflix Money Heist : 10 Best Most Popular Characters


Money Heist has characters that you simply either love deeply or hate deeply, and they have been developing in exciting and jaw-dropping ways in which. No matter your feelings for every one of them, the show would ne’er be constant while not them. With the fourth season freshly squeezed and transported into our screens, it is time to re-think who is the most effective characters on money heist.

So, let’s rank the 10 most effective characters on the show –

1) The Professor

Money Heist Professor
Albert Einstein would be jealous of this man if they existed within the same era. All criminal masterminds most likely want to own a brain like his too.

Because the arranger of the heists at the Royal Mint of European country and also the Bank Of Spain, The academic is simply too sensible.He prides himself on being a master of trickery since he invariably manages to fool the authorities.

A compulsive, he invariably has everything arranged to the minute details, though at the tip of the third season, he’s finally outsmarted by the authorities once they tricked him into believing  that they had killed his lover Raquel.

2) Berlin

Money Heist Berlin

Actor Pedro Alonso aka Andrés puts up an excellent performance as Berlin. He’s carefree as a result of he is aware of he’s aiming to die anyway since he was diagnosed with a muscle sickness referred to as Helmer’s pathology. However, it is not the sickness that kills him. He sacrifices himself in order that his fellow gang members will escape.

3) Tokyo

Money Heist Tokyo
Tokyo is attractive, sensible and unpredictable. She additionally is the anchor of the show. Despite not being well-mannered, The professor likes her. 

This is often evident from that she was one in every of the very 1st individuals he recruited for his mission.However, her stubbornness tends to cause bother for the gang. 

Within the third season, her call to wherever she’s been  together with her lover Rio is what puts the authorities on alert. Eventually, most members who are peacefully spending their lives has to go on one more mission because of her.

4) Nairobi

Money Heist Nairobi
An professional in minting and forgery, Nairobi was tasked with making certain the money that was being written throughout the Royal Mint heist was of the best quality. She was a mother and a reasonably disciplined character who invariably did her job well.

At the tip of the third season, she gets shot by a police sharpshooter once Inspector Sierra tricks her to exploring through the window to check her son. It’s still not clear whether or not she’s going to die or survive.

5) Helsinki

Money Heist Helsinki

A Veteran Serbian soldierHelsinki is the main powerhouse of the gang. He has the tough-guy look and he did his best to keep up order among the hostages. Apparently, Darko Peric, the person who plays Helsinki began his career as a medical practitioner before turning into associate degree actor and film faculty teacher. He gets together with the remainder of the crew simply fine. He additionally comes out as gay afterward within the series.

6) Inspector Sierra

Money Heist inspector Alicia sierra
She is evil however there are lots of reasons to like her. Despite being heavily pregnant, Inspector Sierra brings hell to The professor and his crew. She is that the only 1 in enforcement WHO finally manages to outsmart him and create him lose his cool.

At the tip of the third season, she not solely tricks Nairobi into coming near to a window within the Bank of European country then orders a crack shot to try to kill her out. She also tricks the professor into believing that Lisbon is dead.

7) Arturo

Money Heist arturo roman
It is the annoying mannerisms that create him such a motivating character. Each minute he seems, you pray that somebody punches him within the face. Throughout the primary heist, Arturo, who is the director of the Royal Mint, tries to be a hero however he is largely kept in control. He talks an excessive amount of and additionally tends to be impulsive in a very manner that inconveniences alternative hostages

8) Lisbon

Money Heist inspector Alicia sierra
she is the lady tasked with leading the unit that is attempting to bring down the professor and his crew. However, during the encounters with the genius criminal, she lands up falling in love with him. Which makes her join the professor’s gang and took the name Lisbon. Raquel provides the show most of its human components. She is total proof that love will hit you once you least expect it and cause you to do crazy thing

9) Denver

Money Heist Denver
Denver is introduced into the planet of crime by his pop Moscow who has quit the mining business because of the shortage of correct pay. Throughout the heist at the Royal Mint, he lands up falling for one amongst the hostages referred to as Monica .In a very classic case of Stockholm syndrome, Monica additionally falls for him.

The two fall therefore deeply crazy that Monica lands up joins the robbers. Once the prosperous heist at the Royal Mint, the lovebirds commit to conjointly raise Monica’s kid that she got from her affair with Arturo. Once the crew reunites to rob the Bank of European country, Monica takes the name of Stockholm.

10) Rio

Money Heist Rio

Rio is brought on because of his hacking skills however the criminal life looks to overwhelm him. He’d somewhat be enjoying Mortal Kombat on a laptop. However he’s terribly important to the plot. At some purpose, he nearly surrenders to the police. 

However he’s loving with one amongst the gang members referred to as Tokyo therefore he needs to stay. It is also his fault that police get to understand the identities of the crew. 

At the beginning of the third season, he’s the primary to get captured once Interpol tracks his location via a telephone call. He gets tortured by the authorities as they fight to create him rat out the opposite robbers. 

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