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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the most awaited movie of 2019 as two biggest Hollywood actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt can be seen working together and fans are excited to see them together. This is Quentin Tarantino’s 9th film.


Release date:  24 July 2019
Director:         Quentin Tarantino
Cast:                Brad Pitt,
                         (Cliff booth)
                         Leonardo DiCaprio,
                          (Rick Dalton)
                         Margot Robbie, 
                          (Sharon Tate)
                         Luke Perry,
                         Dakota Fanning, 
                         Maya Hawke,
                          (flower child)
                         Austin Butler,
                          (Charles Watson)
                         Al pacino,
                         (Marvin Shwarz)
                         Emile Hirch,
                         (Jay Sebring)
                         Damian Lewis,
                         (Steve McQueen)
Box Office:    38.93 crores USD





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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood | Storyline, Review | Moviespotify 2020


Once upon a Time in Hollywood has received a great response from fans as they are loving to see their 2 biggest Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt working together. The movie is the ninth movie of the brilliant director Quentin Tarantino.






Quentin Tarantino’s film once Upon a Time in Hollywood is like love letter to the good old days of Hollywood. However as the movie is based on the earlier Hollywood and has many old references and links the audience from outer countries may not relate properly to the movie.


The Story of the movie is set in the year 1969 where they show the journey of two actors Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt). It is shown that the actor was once a big star of a super hit show Bounty Law in late 50s.
And how with the time he starting loses his fame and is forced to do negative roles. As the story continues we can see a famous French director is living with his wife in neighbor of the actor.
It is a little complicated to understand the relation between the three. But the climax of the movie is really very amazing and that’s when we know why Quentin Tarantino is often called as Master Director.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood|Review| Moviespotify

Once upon a time in Hollywood is surely one of the best films of the year. Tarantino has done a great job of bringing this masterpiece with two of the Hollywood’s best actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. The movie will take you back to the golden era of Hollywood.
However the movie gets slow in between the movie is lengthy and it seems there are some scenes which feel like there is no extra to the viewers.
We all know how good the two actors can act, throughout the movie both the actors gave tough competition to each other. There are couple of scenes where the acting sense of Leonardo DiCaprio is center of attraction.
The role of Brad Pittis of a good friend. The character of Brad Pitt gives friendship goals, after watching the role of brad pit you will wish that you had a friend like him. Other actors like Margot Robbie, Al Pacino, and Margot Qualiey have played a great role in movie.

Why one should Watch?


The main reason to watch the movie is you will get to see two of Hollywood’s best actors working together. And second reason is the movie is directed by Quentin Tarantino. We all know every movie of Tarantino is a must watch because of his brilliant directions all his movies are super hit.




To all the Hollywood lovers it will be a pure nostalgic experience as the movie is set in the late 50s of Hollywood. The acting of both the actors makes viewers to stick to the story.



The climax of the movie is very amazing and you will know why Quentin Tarantino is called the master director.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood | Songs | Moviespotify

The songs in the movie plays an important role in enhancing many great scenes to outstanding. Tarantino knows how important the role of songs in a movie is. The songs in movie does a great job in enhancing the movie.


List of Songs :



1. The Traits – Treat Her Right


2. Bog Seger – Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man


3. Deep Purple – Hush


4. The Village Callers – Hector


5. Buchanan Brothers – Son of a Lovin’ Man
6. Chad & Jeremy – Paxton Quigley’s Had The Course
7. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Hungry
8. Paul Revere & The Raiders – Good Thing
9. The Box Tops – Choo Choo Train
10. Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels – Jenny Take A Ride
11. Deep Purple – Kentucky Woman
12. Buffy Sainte-Marie – The Circle Game
13. Simon & Garfunkel – Mrs Robinson
14. Los Bravos – Bring a Little Lovin’
15. Dee Clark – Hey Little Girl
16. Neil Diamond – Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show
17. Robert Corff – Don’t Chase Me Around
18. Paul Revere & The Raiders – MR Sun, Mr Moon (feat. Mark Lindsay)
19. José Feliciano – California Dreamin’
20. I CantoriModerni Di Alessandroni – Dinamite Jim
21. Vanilla Fudge – You Keep Me Hangin’ On
22. Maurice Jarre – Miss Lily Langtry

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Trailer|Hollywood Movie 2019


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