movieOnward 2020 |Onward movie Review,Story,cast|Onward trailer

Onward 2020 |Onward movie Review,Story,cast|Onward trailer[2020]


Onward 2020 movie Review

Disney & Pixar’s Onward| Review, trailer Songs, Story|Onward 2 Release date|Moviespotify 2020

Onward is a magical and adventurous animated movie by Disney and Pixar which was released on 6 March in theatres. 

Disney and Pixar keeps on bringing hit animated movies every year which are liked a lot by children as well as by grownups also. Onward is one of the best animated films by Disney and Pixar.

Release date:  6 March 2020

Director:         Dan Scanlon

Cast:                Chris Pratt,

                        (Barley Lightfoot)
                        Octavia Spencer,
                        (The Manticore)
                        Julia Louis-Dreyfus,
                        Ali Wong, 
                       (Officer Gore)
                       John Ratzenberger, 
                       (Construction worker Fenwick)
                       Wilmer Valderrama, 
                       Tracey Ullman, 
                       Grey DeLisle, 
                       Tom Holland,
                       (Lan Lightfoot)
                       Lena Waithe,
                       (Officer Spector)
                       Mel Rodriguez
                       (Colt Bronco)
                       Kyle Bornheimer,
                        (Wilden Lightfoot)
                       Annette Frier

Box office:     $103.2 million


Rotten Tomatoes 88%
MovieSpotify 4/5

Onward | Storyline, Review | Movespotify

Onward is the latest and one of the best Magical animated movie of Disney and Pixar. It released on 6 march in the theatres. 

Onward movie is directed by Dan Scanlon and story is created with the help of Jason Headley and Keith Bunin.
Onward 2020 movie Review

The story of the movie onward is based on the two elves brother. The two brothers Barley Lightfootand & Ian Lightfootlive with their mother as their father died before the birth of Ian. Barley Lightfoot has the English voice of Chris Pratt and Ian Lightfoot has the English voice of Tom Holland.

As Ian has not seen his father as he died before his birth. On his 16th birthday his mother give the brother a magic stick that their father has left for them. By the magical stick they can bring back anyone for one day. So Barley and Ian decided to bring back their father for one day.

But something happens and only half part of the body of their father comes and now he need something to bring back the full body within 24 hours. The rest of the story is continued on how he bring back their father.

Onward Review

The movie is full of comedy not only for children but also for grownups. There are many scenes in the whole movie where you will laugh really hard. The story of the movie is very interesting.

The animation in the movie is brilliant which gives viewers a great experience. Onward has many adventures scene and the quality of animation and background sound doesn’t let the audience to get bored and makes the audience to stick to the movie.

So the movie is must watch even if you are not a big animation movies fan. Also onward is quite trending on internet and has done well on box office.

Onward Trailer 2020

Disney’s Onward | Songs | 2020

There are lots of songs in the movie which enhances the movie experience. The theme for Onward was recorded by Brandi Carlilewho has won many Oscar awards. The original songs are composed by Jeff Danna and Michael Danna.

List of Songs:

1. Carried Me with You (Brandi Carlile)
2. Quests of Yore
3. The World Was Full of Wonder
4. A Little Magic
5. Bad Dragon
6. New Ian
7. My Mighty Steed
8. My Birthday Is Cancelled
9. Wish I Could Spend the Day with You
10. The Visitation Spell
11. The Spell
12. The Spell Only Lasts One Day
13. Find Another Phoenix Gem
14. Going on a Quest
15. Laurel in Pursuit
16. The Manticore’s Tavern
17. Tavern Remodeling
18. The Map to Raven’s Point
19. Two Teenage Elves
20. MagnoraGantuan!
21. Baby Legs
22. Pixie Dusters
23. The Guardian Curse
24. Driving Test
25. Dance Fight
26. Path of Peril
27. Pawn Shop
28. Tracking Guinevere
29. Bottomless Pit
30. The Trust Bridge
31. Follow Your Gut
32. Running from the Cops
33. Sacrifice
34. Just a Beat Up Old Van
35. The Cave
36. Accelior!
37. Boom Bastia!
38. Barley’s Last Memory of Dad
39. Led Us to Our Victory!
40. The Truth Comes Out
41. Share My Life with Him
42. Battling the Dragon
43. VoltarThunderseer!
44. Dad
45. Magic Returns

Onward 2 Release date

Onward has done well on box office and is one of the best animated films by Disney and Pixar. Now fans are looking for Onward 2 however fans may have wait long for onward 2 as there is no confirmation on part two and on starting writing of the movie till now.

As previous record Disney takes really long to make sequels of its animated movies like Frozen 2, Incredible 2. Also as of the pandemic going across the world it is sure it is going to take long for Onward 2.

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