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Made in Abyss Anime Season 2:Release Date,Trailer Cast Plot Everything Explained


made in abyss season 2


The First season of Made in Abyss Anime was first released in year 2017 with total episodes count 13 Episodes. This anime series has also won award for Anime of the Year in 2017. From this you will get a clear idea that how popular Made in Abyss Anime is.

It is based on the Manga named Made in abyss by Akihito Tsukushi. It was first released in japan but after its success it is then released in United States.

Now the fans are worried or curious about, if there will a Made is Abyss Season 2 or not?

So the answer is yes, we are going to get a second season of the anime. The makers have confirmed season 2 of the anime. Let see what can we expect from the Made is abyss season 2.

Made in Abyss Season 2 Expected Plot

made in abyss season 2 plot

In first season story of the Made in abyss anime mainly follows a girl Riko who is an orphaned girl who is an adventure lover, who loves to travel the untraveled places just like her mom would. She wanted to find her mother so he goes on a mission to find her mom. While finding her mom he meet with a cyborg named Reg and they became friends.

So in Season 2 of Made in Abyss the story may continue from where it has ended in season 1 or it is also possible that they may add new storylines or more new character in the anime. Tough Nothing is confirmed as the creators of the anime has not given much information about the plot or what can we get to see in season 2 of the anime series.

However according to many fan theories it is possible that in 2nd season they may show more about Reg the cyborg who became friend with Riko. We can also get to see how he end up being a cyborg. But only with time we will get to know what is really happening in season 2 of Made in Abyss.

Made in Abyss Season 2 Cast

made in abyss season 2 cast characters

As it is just the second season of the made in abyss they will not be doing any experiments with cast. But also in Made in Abyss Season 1 there were only 13 Episodes so there is lot tom cover in the show so it is also possible that they may introduce new characters in the 2nd season of the Anime.

The character of LYZA who is caught inside the abyss will possibly not join season 2 as according to many she died in Abyss. But we are likely to see the main cast members or characters from previous season of the made in abyss as there is more show about them which mainly includes;
Miyu Tomita as Riko, MariyaIse as Reg, Shiori Izawa, Nanachi and Eri as Mitty.

Made in Abyss Season 2 Release Date


The 1st season of Made in Abyss is a big hit not only in japan but also in many other countries. The makers of the Made in Abyss Season two confirmed that there will be a season 2 in the anime series.

But when is made in abyss season 2 coming out has not been confirmed yet. The makers has not disclosed much about the season 2.

Earlier the made in heaven season 2 was likely to release in end of 2020 but now taking in consideration the ongoing corona virus pandemic we are not going to see season 2 of made in abyss in 2020.

According to many the season 2 of made in abyss in under production and will take some time to complete. So most likely they will release Made in abyss season 2 starting or mid of year 2021 if the pandemic is under control.

Where Can I Watch Made In Abyss Season 2?

You can watch Made in Abyss season 2 on Amazon Prime as it will be streaming there when it will be officially released. Season 1 of made in heaven is also available on Amazon Prime. You can watch there live or you can also download it and save if you want.

How many episodes are there in Season 2 of Made In Abyss?

The made in Abyss season 1 consisted of 13 episodes. About season 2 we have not received any official statement about how many episodes will be there in Made in Abyss season 2. But according to our research there will be minimum of 10 episodes in Made in Abyss Season 2.

Does Riko Find LYZA?

No Riko is yet to find LYZA but it is possible that she may never find LYZA as she is trapped inside the abyss and she knows she cannot go back up and is it said that she send Reg to stop Riko from findind her as it will put Riko’s life in danger.

Is LYZA dead Made in abyss?

Yes, according to what we have shown till now LYZA is dead. She was in the abyss and she is struggling to come to the surface and she knows that she will not make it to the top of the abyss. 
It is possible that there may be a twist in made in abyss season 2 and we may get to see LYZA but until then she is dead.

Is Nanachi a Boy or a Girl in Made in Abyss?

Nanachi is girl according to the appearances of her in show which is feminine. Though the gender of the character has never been disclosed in the show but we might get to know about the sex of Nanachi in season 2 of made in Abyss.

What is the age of Riko in Abyss?

Riko is 12 years old she lives in a town close to the abyss. She is the only daughter of LYZA.
The creator of the Made in Abyss has not disclosed a lot of details about the season 2 of the series to it is difficult to say what really is going to happen. But we will be updating the information given above as soon as we receive any updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Cha Min die in abyss?
yes, cha min dies due to an accident. But somehow because of the abyss he comes to life again but in different appearance.

2. Does Made in abyss have a happy ending?
The abyss gives back life to the people according to their spirit but only their appearance changes. so yes made in abyss hava a happy ending

3. Is made in abyss scary?
yes, though it looks like it is anime which seems to be kid friendly. But at the same time it has some horror scenes that can scare children.

4. When will made in abyss be available on Amazon prime?
The season 2 of made in abyss will be streaming on Amazon Prime when it releases but still there is no confirmation on the release date of season 2.

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