celebsDermot Ward Game Of Thrones- Do you know?

Dermot Ward Game Of Thrones- Do you know?


dermot ward game of thrones

Dermot Ward : Game Of Thrones

Dermot ward is an Irish actor who is best known for his acting in a Pure Mule (2005) which is a TV series. We have seen him as an attendant in 6th Season of Game of Thrones. Let’s see what else we know about him.

Dermot Ward Personal Information

Height: 6 ft.
Eyes: Blue
Age: 40<
Hair: Brown
Birthplace: Ireland
Dermot Ward has worked in many TV Series like Game of Thrones, Children of Revolution, The Rumour Room, Pure Mule, We Watch You Watch and many more. 
He has also worked in many films like The Green Sea, Chief O’Neil, The Angelus, Shooting the Director and many more.

What Role did Dermot Ward Play in Game of Thrones?

Dermot Ward has acted in many TV series, Films, Theatres before working in Game of Thrones. 
He can be seen in the Sixth Season of Game Of thrones. Dermot played the role of Tommen’s (who is one of the main characters of GOT) attendant in the 6th season finale.

Does Dermot Ward have YouTube Channel?

Dermot is quite popular on YouTube, he can be seen in many videos from well known YouTube channels. 
He recently has also started something like Dermot Ward The Try Channel He has also done many advertisements videos on youtube and we can see him collaborating with many different YouTube artist.

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