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Volumes OF High School DxD Manga

High School DxD is a manga adaption of the light novel series. The light novel is written by IchieiIshibumi. The illustration of the Manga is done by Miyama-zero.

The High School manga is published by FujimiShobo. The anime series was run from 20 July 2010 to 9 April 2018. The show has total of 11 volumes in the series.

High School DxD Plot | Moviespotify

The High school DxD anime series is directed by Tetsuya Yanagisawa. The story mostly focus on the main protagonist IsseiHyodo who is shown as a pervert student of High School.

The school is also not like normal school. Maximum students’ population is of Angels and Devils. The manga has 11 volumes till now. He is studying in Kuoh Academy. He wants to be a king Harem.
He was killed by a girl with whom he went on his first date.

Later it is discovered that Issei is a fallen Angel. Later he was brought back to life as a Devil. The person who brought back Issei is a devil who want him to serve her devil family.

Later in the high school dxd Manga it is shown that Issei and Rias began to get feelings for each other but the people from both angels and devils were not much happy with that.

High School DxD Manga Review

The manga adaption was started streaming first in year 2010.since then the show has received a lot of positive response to the Anime series.

The High School DxD manga has eleven volumes released in 8 Years. The show first shows a pervert guy who aspires to be a harem king.

Soon the simple manga starts going deeper, we have shown that Issei was asked on date. Later the girl asked him give up his life for her and kill him. Then he is brought back to life by Rias Gremory. After that we get to see a lot of twists and turns in the story.

We also get to the love story between IsseiHyodo and Rias Gremory. As new things keeps on adding in the series it is not boring and does not let our focus to go away from screens. We also get to explore new world of fallen angels and devils.

So if you are also a lover of Fantasy characters like angels and devils then High School DxD manga or anime series is a must watch for you.

High School DxD Characters

The High School DxD Manga or Anime series has some of the most diverse cast and has lots of characters. As we all know there are many teams, angles, devils, and dragons.

The characters from Kuoh Academy consists of IsseiHyoudou, Rias Gremory, AkanoHimejima, Koneko, Tpujou, YuutoKiba and Gasper Vladi.

There are different teams in High school dxd manga. Hyoudou team includes Asia Argento, XenoviaQuarta, Rossweisse and IngvildLeiathan. Sitri Team includes SonaSitri, TsubakiShinra, GenshirouSaji, Momohanakai, TsubasaYura, Tomoe Meguri, ReyaKusaka, RurukpNimura, Bennia, LoupGarou.

The vali team includes Bikou, Kuroka, Fenrir, Arthur Pendragon, Le Fay Pendragon and Gogmagog. There are also fallen angels and devils.

The Fallen angels includes AzazelKokabiel, Baraqiel and shemhazai while the Devils include Sirzechs Lucifer, AjukaBeeizebub, Serafall Leviathan and FalbiumAsmodeus. There are many other characters in the series like 72 pillars, dragon king and many other monsters.

What happens on Issei’s first date in High School Dxd?

We have seen that one day suddenly a girl asks Issei on a date. The name of the girl is Yuma Amano and is the same girl who goes on date with Issei.

When the date is over Yuma takes Issei to a local park and she starts requesting him to die for her. after some time she tell him that she is a fallen angel and kills Issei. Though he was brought back a devil later.

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