celebsJenna Marbles Really Quitting Youtube?

Jenna Marbles Really Quitting Youtube?


Jenna Marbles Says Good Bye to YouTube after Racism Allegations

The YouTube legend Jenna Maourey also known as Jenna Marbles, last Thursday posted an emotional 11 minute long video in which she announced that she is going to leave YouTube after she was criticized for the type of content she put in her video on her main YouTube channel.

She further said that she does not want to put negative content on YouTube, as on her channel she tells about some content which people found promoting racism.

So that’s why after lots of negative comments and criticism on various social platforms she finally decides to leave her main YouTube channel. She also said that she has spent her past few days in hiding her channel videos. She also said sorry to all the viewers for hiding the videos as she does not want people to hate her or any future trouble.

For those who don’t know Jenna Marbles is one of the most popular youtuber.All the aspiring youtuber must have heard her name at least once. She got her fame in year 2010 after her video “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking” went viral on YouTube.

The video was viewed more than 690 million times. She has 23 million subscriber on her YouTube Channel.

She was amongst the top YouTuber for almost a decade. Her channel was ranked 16th for world’s most followed channel. If we only talk about female creators then her channel ranks a lot higher. But recently she has been in lot of trouble, the people who once followed her are now standing against her.

She also has 2 other YouTube channels one is a gaming channel and on other channel she posts podcasts. This is not the first time she is cornered by people for offensive content.

Earlier also there were some cases in which her video attracted lots of criticism. In one of her video she is seen wearing a blackface which lot of people found racist. Her video were even removed by YouTube for some time.

Though she apologised for both of her recent videos which were bring down by YouTube later. In one of her video she made fun of Nicki Minaj. She said that her songs are cringy she also put a blackface in her video to represent black person which was opposed by people.

Later she said that her motive was not to hurt or disrespect anyone and the black face was just the makeup. But she agrees that she has done wrong by posting that kind of content and she is very sorry for that.

In her other video she can be seen rapping about a Asian man, the lyrics of the rap were very offensive as they are disrespecting their culture. Though she said sorry to all the people for her past mistakes.

And that why she decides to leave her youtube channel and hides all her previous videos.
As we all know about the ongoing condition of US regarding the Racism issues. People of US are now taking every possible steps against the ones who promotes racism.

Recently many racism related allegations were put on YouTube Star Jenna Marbles. The criticism by the people forced her to leave her main YouTube channel which has more than 23 Million subscribers.

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