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Light and Shadow Manga

Light and Shadow manga/manhwa is one of the best animes. It is based on the hit novel by the author RyuHyang. It was first released in 2016 and last chapter of the manhua is released on 2019. The manga or manhua is said as completed by the makers of the web comic. It has total of 103 chapters.

Light and Shadow Plot

The Light and Shadow manga follows two main characters Edna and Eli. In the manhua it is shown that Edna is a servant and she is forced to marry a duke named Eli. At first it seems like the maid is going to live a bad life but later as the series moves we get to know more about Edna and her secrets.

Both the maid and the duke have some dark secrets and the maid Eli whom we all assume as a weak female turns out to be a strong lead character. Also we get to see the love story between Edna and Eli as the story goes on.

Light and Shadow Manga Review

Edna the maid is shown as a powerful female character. After Edna and Eli were married forcefully later we get to see that they start to have feelings for each other. At first it looks like a normal cute love story. But then we get a lots of twist in the manga later.


After long time we are getting to see such a strong female main character in lead in any manhua or manga. Both the characters have made really interesting and both has many dark secrets which will make you stick to the show.

The Light and Shadow manga is surely worth a watch as we get a Strong female lead, a great love story of Edna and Eli and many twist n turns that will surely shock you.

Why Edna is so popular?

Now a days in any manga or manhwa we do not get to see lots of strong female character. In Light and Shadow it is shown that Edna is a maid who is forcefully married to a Duke.

Everyone assumed as a weak character but as the chapters goes on we get to see the dark side of Edna and then we realise that Edna is not weak as it seems to be.


She is shown to have some dark secrets. Later Edna and the duke Eli turned into lovers and love each other a lot. That’s the reason why Edna is so popular because of her character development.

Why to Watch Light and Shadow Manga/Manhwa

Light and Shadow manga has a great combination of action and romance. The manga has some of the best protagonist characters with best development arc. The strong lead female character is also a reason to watch the manga as it is seen rarely.

Unlike other manga manhwa the side characters in the Light and shadow web comic are also good. The kingdoms shown in the manhwa is also a point of attraction which does not let your attention go away.

After the whole twists and turns at the end you will get a happy ending which will help you end your manga/manhua happily. The Light and shadow Manhwa is completed so you can binge watch and complete the manga.