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Natalie from Facts of Life – Mindy Cohn Now Where?


Natalie from Facts of Life

Natalie Green from series The Facts of Life is one of the most popular Girl from the series. The Character of Natasha Green also known as Natalie was played by Mindy Cohn.

She is highlighted in the series as a Big Figured Girl and has to go some troubles in Facts of Life. In real life also she is fat, but she seems to enjoy that. In one of her tweet she tweeted about that, which means she is very happy as a fat girl and does not want to be skinny.

What Happened with Natalie Green in The Facts of Life series?

Mindy Cohn played the role of Natalie Green in Facts of Life. She was shown as a 13 to 22 years old in the whole series. Natalie is a Jewish Girl in the series,

She is also a Jewish in real life. Which we can see in the series that she can be seen celebrating her festival while others were celebrating Christmas.

Later it is shown that her father Dr Green died unexpectedly which was a great setback for her. After that in some of the next episodes were shown her in grief.

She also had to face several troubles in her High school. We can see her involved with various relations from which some of affects her hardly.

One of her boyfriend spreads the rumours about Natalie being an easy prey. After that she has to face many problems because of that. Once while going home she was followed and was about to get sexually assaulted.

Natalie Green is a writer and has also written many articles for the Eastland Academy Newspaper. After graduation she decides to become a reporter for the newspaper in Peekskill.

After working for some time she decides to move to New York City. In the end of the series she decides to live in New York and pursue her carrier.

Where is Natalie Green (Mindy Cohn) from Facts of Life Now?

The character of Natalie green in Facts of Life is played by Mindy Cohn. She is in Los Angeles, California, U.S. Mindy is born on 20 May 1966, now she lives in Beverly Hills.

She is an American actress, Comedian and also a voice artist. She is known for her character Natalie Green from Facts of Life.

Mindy Cohn is the Voice behind the famous character Velma Dinkley in the Scooby-Doo. She did the voice over of Velma for about 2002 to 2015. But she gain fame and popularity for the series Facts of Life.

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