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Star Martial God Technique Anime

The star martial god technique was released in 2016 and is one of the best action anime series. It is based on the Chinese novel or manhua series by the author Mad Snail.

The show has received a lots of positive response from the people and from other countries also. The Star Martial God Technique is an ongoing manga and there might be more manga seasons coming the anime series.

Star Martial God Technique Manga Plot & Review

The Star martial god technique manga is set in a world where there are 12 paths to climb the tower of god. Which is the top most achievement in this world only legendary or most powerful martial artist also find it difficult to walk on the legendary road of immortality.

In past there where many martial arts types but with time only 3 types of martial arts are now there in current world in which the anime or manga is set.

The 3 types of martial arts are Dragon, Flame and Star martial arts. It is shown that many legends of various martial arts are trying from a long time to find the legendary road of immortality.

The story focuses on the main character Ye Xinghe who is born weak but wants to change the world. In the Star Martial God Anime Series we see a weak character and is not able to even protect his family.

He is also a martial arts practitioner. So at first it seems like a story of a person who is having trouble living his life.

But as the story goes on some dark things come into scene. The story also become interesting when the boy who faced an incident after which he unlocked his unlimited powers.

After that the series seems more interesting and also we get to see a lots of twist and turns later in the series. But overall Star Martial God Technique Manga or manhua is a must watch if you love action and adventure types of drama anime seires.

Why Ye Xinghe is the most loved Character in SMGT?

In star martial god technique manga or manhua Ye Xinghe is shown as a weak and fragile character in the beginning who cannot compete with anyone and cannot help his family.

He started his martial arts practise as he wants to make a big change in the lives of his family and villagers.

Later it is shown that somehow he gets tremendous powers and now he is one of the most powerful people on the world.

But still he does not misuses his powers and help his powers for the betterment of his family and the ones he cared about. That’s what make fans from all over the world to follow and Ye Xinghe and that’s why they like him so much.

Who is Xueyun in Star Martial God Technique Manga/Manhua?

Xueyun is the female protagonist of the star martial arts technique manga. She was born in high ranked family according to the respect which they gained by their martial arts.

But unlike other she does not wanted to be known because of his family background. She wants to earn respect by her own hard work. We also get to see love relationship between Xueyun and Ye Xinghe.

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