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The Stand up Guy Manhwa

The Stand up guy manga or manhwa is an adult comedy drama anime series. It is also known as Seonnam.Till now it has more than 55 chapters and it is likely that there are more chapters coming in the Stand Up Guy manga series.

The manga or manhwa has more than 127K Monthly viewers. The manga is still on going and has received a great positive response from the adult content lovers.

The Stand up Guy Manhwa Plot?

The manga will be based on the web comic by author named Dolphin.The stand up guy manhwa revolves around a guy named Guman who has a dream to work in a company where are women are naked.

In this anime the main character Guman actually gets the job in the company called Lovelyn.
The company sells women’s under garments and therefore all the employees are always naked with minimum covering. And it seems like a fantasy story of a boy living his dream life.

But soon it turns out to be whole different situation. The womens he thought would be beautiful and nice actually are bad women who always threatened him to kill him and always bully him. He is the only Male in the company. So later it turns out that the beautiful dream of the boy quickly turns into a nightmare.

Is The Stand Up Guy an Adult Manga?

Yes, Thestand up guy manga is based on the manhwa of the same name. The manga is an adult comedy drama anime series. It might not be appropriate to watch with family.

It Is also inappropriate for children. But the stand up guy is a must watch at least once as it is different kind of anime from what we regularly watch.

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