AnimeVoltron Legendary Defender Characters Ages And Birthday Dates

Voltron Legendary Defender Characters Ages And Birthday Dates


Voltron Legendary Defender Characters Ages

Voltron Legendary Defender is one of best action packed Anime Series. The characters in the anime are well animated and are made with proper researched storyline and that’s why they loved by fans from all over the world. But after few seasons we can see a lot of confusion regarding the ages of Voltron legendary defenders.

Now also there is a lot of confusion going on with the Voltron Legendary Defender Character Ages as fans love a lot of main characters from the anime they also keep a close look to the other details of the characters.

So the character in the anime also known as Paladins. There ages in the anime are quite confusing as they have shown that some character in the series aged fast and some aged slowly as after just 1 season we get to see that there is lot of difference between the ages of the paladins which lives all the viewers in confusion.

Voltron Legendary Defender Characters Confirmed Ages

As we all know it is hard to keep the track of the Paladins ages but we have somehow figured out the concept of the time in the various dimension. So clearly Shiro is one of the oldest paladins and Pidge is one of the youngest.

The Age of Shiro is 25 and that of Pidge is 15. Other characters Keith is 18 years old, Lance is 17 Years old, Hunk is 17 Year old and the age of Allura is not yet revealed as allura is shown as a teenager.

Voltron Legendary Defender Characters Birthdays (Date of birth)

As the fans are closely related to the ages of the characters of Voltron legendary defender, lots of are also very intrested in the birthdays of Voltron legendary defender characters.

The birth date of Keith is 23 October, Pidge was born on 3rd April, Lance on 28 July, Hunk on 13 Jan, and Shiro was born on 29 Feb.

Why there is difference in Voltron Legendary Defender Character Ages?

Since the fans find out about the difference in the ages of the Voltron legendary defender characters they have been asking why there is difference between the ages of the characters. There are also lots of fan made theories about the difference in the ages of paladins.

As we all know the Voltron Legendary Defender Anime series is set in different galaxies and we have also shown that speed of time is different in other galaxies. That’s why the paladins also aged according to the speed of time in the galaxy they are on.

Is Voltron legendary Defender on Netflix?

Yes, Voltron Legendary Defender Character Anime Series is available on Netflix, you can stream it online or you can also download and can watch later. The first episode was streamed on 10 June 2016 and last episode was streamed on 14 December 2018

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