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Who made me princess manga Story,Characters and Everything-moviespotify


Who Made Me Princess Manga

Who made me princess Manhwa/manga which is also known as The Lovely Princess was released in the year 2017 and since it has received a lot of positive responses from the viewers.

It’s a Romantic Fantasy drama which is based on the novel of the same name. The author of the book is Plutus. Who made me princess’s novel is also very popular among people and is worth reading.

Who Made Me Princess Characters 

Who made me princess is a popular manga or manhwa and has 75+ chapters. So to make a manga so long without boring the audience they have to add many storylines and similarly has to bring in many different characters. There are many characters in the manga that are loved by fans a lot.

List of Characters :

Athanasia de Alger Obelia,
Claude de Alger Obelia,
Penelope Judith,
Anastacius De Alger Obelis,
Countess Rosalia,
Jennette Margarita,
Ijekiel Alpheus,
Roger Alpheus,
Lilian York,
Felix Robane,
Ces, Hannah,
and many more characters are there in whole manga.

Who Made Me Princess Plot Details:

The Manga or Manhwa Who made me princess is set in an age where Emperors still rule. It seems like a beautiful fantasy story. The story of the manga follows a beautiful princess named Athanasia who was killed by her own father.
Claude De Alger Obelia, who is shown as the emperor is known to be a Cold-blooded emperor. The princess comes to know that she is incarnated as the daughter princess of the cruel king. She does not want to be killed by the king without doing anything. So she wants to escape away from the empire and start a new life in order to save her life from the emperor Claude.

Who Made Me Princess Review

The manga who made me a princess is surely a must-watch manga/manhwa as it is a mixture of different genres. At first, it seems like a bedtime story but soon we started to know that the show is not just a bedtime fantasy story. 
The protagonists of the manga are really very awesome. It’s like they are made with proper planning about every aspect of the characters.
The love story of Diana and Claude is another storyline that will make you want to go more in the manga. But at some point, the story seems not going anywhere. The princess keeps on impressing her dad and she keeps on doing that and nothing actually happened. 
As the story goes on and new chapters start coming it starts to downfall from an awesome manhwa to a not-so-good manga. But overall it is good and is worth a watch.
Why does Claude want to kill his Daughter?
In the show, we have shown that Claude de Alger Obelia is a very cold-blooded king and he wants to kill his child also. But what made him kill his own blood daughter?


 According to many, It is because when Princess Diana gives birth to their daughter, the daughter survives but Diana dies. We all know about the love story of Diana and Claude. He thinks that because of their child he has lost his love and that’s why he hates her in starting.


Where to Read Who Made Me Princes Chapter 1 & 2 for free?

Senmangala – Another good website and has a good amount of manga content but be careful there as it is full of advertisements and some intrusive extensions which can harm your computer. If you can get through it, you will probably find some interesting manga here.

Subreddits – There are also some subreddits with manga. Honestly, I don’t really use Reddit anymore because it was completely wasting my time. Both can be a good place where you can start or ask the community to find more hidden gems.

Apps – The site I mentioned above (SIXELAND) has its own app that you can download when registering an account. Not sure about any other popular ones so I can’t help here.

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