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Why is Mur Wearing a Wig? Impractical Jokers Season 6


Murr Wearing a Wig | Impractical Jokers Season 6

Most of us are completely aware of Impractical Joker’s Murray aka Mur. For those who don’t know Mur is a part of a group of four Comedians who compete with each other by giving each other some hilarious tasks.

The one who comes up with the lowest points at the end of the rounds they are given some funny punishments. Which they had to do in public that’s add more fun to it they do everything in public without letting them know. We also get to see some hilarious reaction by the common peoples.

So as Mur was not able to perform well in his last tasks he is given the punishment of wearing a wig. He even keeps on wearing it on the chat show also from where all the viewers watch it. The funny part is the wig is made out of the hair of one of his squad mate.

What is wrong with Mur Hair Impractical Jokers Season 6?

As we all have seen Mur is a part of show called impractical jokers that comes on Comedy Central. Recently we have seen them in a chat show where Mur is seen wearing a wig. Since then everyone is asking what is wrong with Mur’s hair.

So for all the fans who still don’t know what happened, Mur was given punishment of wearing a wig which is made out of Q’s Hair. You can also see Q’s Baldness in the show which is also very shocking to see. You can go and watch that video on internet. You will understand everything.

How many Impractical Jokers are there?

Comedy Central’s Impractical jokers is one of the most Popular Comedy Shows Till Now. The show has 4 Comedians in which each one of them is hilarious.

The Four Comedians in Impractical Jokers are Sal Vulcano, Joe Gatto, James Murray also Known as Mur, Brian Quinn also known as Q.

Who is the Richest Impractical Joker?

The show Impractical Jokers is very popular in not only in United States but also in many other countries. So obviously they all earn a lot of money.

According to some sources the Richest Impractical Joker is James Murray he has estimated wealth of around $1 Million. Other impractical jokers like Sal Vulcano has around $400,000, Quinn has $500,000 and Gatto also has estimated wealth oh around $500,000. The given information about the estimated wealth may vary.

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