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How can I get notification of BTS live Concert for FREE?


BTS has set many weekly and also daily appointments for the live performance to please their fans from all over the world. Recently in their first live concert which happened on 14th June they have performed Bang Bang Con the live at around 6 pm. So it is really great for the BTS fans that they can enjoy live performance of BTS at home online.
But many fans have missed the live concert because they are not aware of the show or they forget the date of the concert and many also forget to register before the last date as they have not received any notifications about the concerts.

How Can I get notification of BTS Live Concert Free? | Moviespotify
So now a days internet have done it a lot easier for the fans to stay updated about the Events or concerts of their favourite artist or band. So these are some of the ways by which you will get notified about every updates of the BTS.
BTS live concert
1. TWITTER – BTS are active on various social media platforms, follow them on twitter so that when they post any updates you can easily get it. But you must turn on the post notification of the posts, so that you will directly get the notification on your phone when they post anything on twitter.

2. INSTGRAM- As I said BTS are very active on Social media and on Instagram you will get every updates whether it’s about their next live concert or their next song, or anything important about their life. You will directly get notified for free on your phone.

3. VLIVE / WATTPAD- It is a website and they also have an app here you can watch many of the BTS’s live performances. On this website they post vlogs about every important thing for their fans. Also if you pay a little fees you can get a plus subscription where you can see their funny and variety of content that they post regularly.

4. YOUTUBE- BTS have a huge fan following so there are many youtuber who are fans of BTS ARMY keeps on posting stuffs about them so you must find a nice youtube channel which is active and post regularly, here also subscribe the channel and turn the notification on and you will get notification whenever they post anything.

5. WEBSITES- Now a days you can easily subscribe to a newsletter of many well-known websites. You just have to search for a good BTS website with up to date content and which post regularly. Then you can follow their newsletter so that you can receive every update related to BTS right through your email.
By following this methods you will get each and every update about the BTS whether it is their next live concert, new song, tour, personal vlogs and more.

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