AnimeAqua Konosuba: 7 Things That Fans Love (。◕‿◕。) About...

Aqua Konosuba: 7 Things That Fans Love (。◕‿◕。) About Her


Konosuba is one of the best rated-comedy anime to have dipped in the last ten years. The Character of the show Aqua konosuba is one of the most Loved Characters from the show.

But why do fans love her so much? Here are some reasons or things that fans love about Aqua Konosuba.

7 Things That Fans Love about Aqua Konosuba:

• Aqua’s Kind Nature.

Despite her quite poor character, Aqua has hordes of dedicated followers at the Axis religion. In fact, it’s stated that she’s a few of the funniest followers around, and she adores them.

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She finds that the followers of Axis as her children and really functions as a type Goddess to people who believed in her. She readily forgives the children of her faith when they attempt to kill her for destroying their springs.

• Aqua can Heal Other Characters

Aqua has quite a unique ability, even for a fantasy universe. She has been demonstrated to rekindle Kazuma several times in the series after he had been murdered by monsters.

She overrides Eris, who is the present goddess of the planet in which they are residing. Aqua was proven to do so almost instantly and without a real casualty to her mana.

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• She is High Priestess

Aqua, regardless of her passion for celebration suggestions, is a potent character that’s unrivaled in energy. Aqua has been proven to have the ability to muster an enormous quantity of water that can wash off areas of enemies.

This is also shown in her powerful to purify lakes of water that have been tainted by evil forces. Aqua is a bit crass with her abilities and ends up resulting in the part money troubles.

• Aqua is Really Very Powerful

While Aqua is incredibly powerful, she does not quite hold a candle into Megumins burst magical. When given enough energy, Megumin can wipe out the demon generals off the area with ease.

This will come at the cost of her always being immobilized after she fires off a single spell, unlike Aqua, which has huge mana reservoirs. Despite this restriction, Megumin has bailed the party from certain doom again and again.

• Her Sense of Humor

Aqua, if nothing else, if some of the most effective comic relief which audiences have seen in years. Aqua is obviously put into situations she considers unbecoming of her sacred status.

This considers everything from sleeping at a barn into being pumped out as the one girl Kazuma cannot see as a romantic interest.

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• She’s a Monster lure

Aqua is the perfect scapegoat for pulling critters away from the celebration. This can be observed when Aqua ventures through old dungeons, and is a great way to draw creatures away from Kazuma.

Regardless of the fact that Aqua hates this attraction, she has been shown to easily purify these animals effortlessly.

• She is Really Caring

Aqua is shown both in the movie, books, and demonstrated to deeply take care of her family. She regularly sends money back into her property, because it is demonstrated that her family is quite poor.

Even though this is due to her dad’s spending habits, Aqua still wants to ensure that her family is able to eat

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