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Disney’s Gravity Falls Returning for a Season 3? | Release Date, Cast and Much more…


There is good news for all the fans of Gravity Falls. As they expect the 3rd part of the anime series soon. If you are a fan of “Gravity Falls”, you will re-read your childhood memories after reading this article.

Gravity Falls was a mysterious and dramatic show with some taste of comedy. It was first aired on 15 June 2012, and the final episode of the show was released on 15 February 2016.

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When is 3rd part of Gravity Fails going to release?

The makers of the show have indicated that the upcoming season will be the final installment. Season 1 and season 2 aired on Disney.

The achievements of this mysterious show are truly remarkable, and the show has a huge fan following among the youth.

Disney's Gravity Fails
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Season 2 premiered on Disney Channel in 2014 and was considered the best of the two seasons released. There has been no official statement regarding the release of the third season, but we can expect it to arrive soon.

Storyline for Gravity Falls Season 3.

The mysterious and dramatic animated cartoon series talks about Mabel and Dipper Pepper, who are cousins. He planned to spend his vacation in the city of Gravity Falls.

But within a few days, they begin to explore some unusual activities and unknown secrets about the city. “Diaper” found a diary from the forest; Dairy contains many riddles and puzzles.

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Cast and Characters for Season 3 of Gravity Falls.

Dipper Pines voice by Jason Ritter
Mabel Pines voice provided by Kristen Schaal
Grunkle Stein voice provided by Alex Hirsch
Sos Ramirez voice by Alex Hirsch
Wendy Corduroy voice by Linda Cardellini

Gravity Falls Season 3 Official Trailer:

Though there is no official trailer for Season 3, but you can watch this fan-made trailer for Gravity falls 3.

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