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Jen Hatmaker, Cristian Author and also a Former Reality Tv star files for divorce.


Jen Hatmaker who is a Well-known Reality Tv star and a Cristian Blogger shared that she has filed for divorce. On Sunday 6 September Jen announced that she going to legally move away from her husband.

She has also shared an official document which shows that the divorce was filed in the month of August.

Few weeks earlier she posted on Facebook that she and her family is going through some kind of problems.

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Jen Hatmaker and her husband Brandon were married in 1993, after so many years Hatmaker has filed divorce petition on 21 August. However the reason of the divorce is unknown as she has not cleared reason for the divorce.

However she was in news earlier also when she goes against same sex marriage. She has 5 kids,Few weeks before she has disclosed that one of her daughter Sydney is a lesbian.

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She said this in a podcast which goes with title “A Moment of Pride” she also tells us that their family has already known about the sexuality of her daughter Sydney.

She further states in the podcast that her daughter was forced to change her sexuality by people for many years. Just after 2 months of announcing about her daughter, she filed the divorce against her husband Brandon.

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She further states that she did a big mistake speaking against homosexuality. She also added she will not force her daughter to change and will support her.

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