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Konosuba Renewed for a Season 3? | Release Date, Storyline and Everything about the show in Detail..


After over three decades, we are finally getting a much better idea about what date KonoSuba season 3 might potentially Release soon.

Despite the second season finishing over three decades back, KonoSuba still remains among the most famous and cherished series for so many lovers.

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Let’s see what we know about the show including The Konosuba Season 3 Renewal Status, Expected Release Date, plot, and much about the coming installment of the Anime Series.

Everything we know about the 3rd Season of Konosuba.

As for me, I still do not think you will find lots of anime out there that are funnier or incorporate a more iconic set of characters since KonoSuba.

In 2017, a few of their voice cast to the anime showed a fresh KonoSuba project was in the functions. Whilst many of us at the time thought this was about period 3, it was instead referring to this 2019 movie crimson Legend’.

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A producer for Kaokawa did assert this season 3″ has a fantastic chance” if the film performed well. But as then, there’s been a questionable silence surrounding the future of the hit anime show.

When can we expect Konosuba Season 2 to Release?

At the time of writing an official launch date for KonoSuba period 3 hasn’t yet been confirmed. Fans speculate that Kazuma, Aqua, Darkness, and Megumin could return the moment early-2021.

However, the realistic prediction would be mid for late-2021 or 2022. But, any estimation for a release date should be taken with a pinch of salt thinking about the global pandemic stopping or delaying the creation of many anime shows.

What we know about the Renewal Status of Konosuba Season 3?

Interestingly, Monsters & Critics had a good point regarding the switching of cartoon studios, claiming that”It is possible that the prep for KonoSuba Season 3 has already begun.

It might be argued that shifting animation studios for your movie freed up Studio DEEN. But we cannot say anything for sure until we receive any official updates from the makers of the show.

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What can be the Storyline for Season 3 of Konosuba

The storyline for season, if revived, is predicted to be a direct continuation in the Crimson Legend film, which picked up from where time 2 left off.

Thus, we could expect the third period to pay everything in volume 7 and 6, but this might be altered depending on if or not a fourth season was also on the cards.

This is all the information we have about the third installment of the show. But we will update this post as soon as we receive official confirmation by the makers.

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