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Can we find Space sweepers on Netflix after its release in Korea?


The Korean Sci-fi Funny Drama Space Sweeper recently release in Korea on 23 September 2020. Now the fans are expecting to release on Netflix.

But is it really going to release on Netflix? If yes when can we expect Space Sweepers to release on Netflix?

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Space Sweepers Release Date on Netflix.

As we know Space Sweepers released in Korea on 23 September 2020. So any regional movies or show takes some time to get on Netflix after it is released in a specific country.

Even if Netflix decided to release the show on Netflix it will take at least a month or two to release on the streaming platform. So the fans from other countries will have to wait a little for the release of Space Sweepers on Netflix.

Space Sweepers Korean Drama
Source: HanCinema

What do we know about the show Space Sweepers?

A crew of desperate spacers aboard a spacecraft. Pitched space battles. Some very nice scenes. All those things are present in a new trailer for a new Korean space opera film called Space Sweepers, which looks totally fun to watch.

What is the Storyline for Korean Sci-fi Drama show Space Sweepers?

Set in the year 2092, Earth is in ruins, and the crew of Salvars fight amongst themselves to try to squeeze as much money as possible. The pilot (Song Jong-ki), the captain (Kim Tae-ri), the engineer (Jin Seon-kyu), and his weapon are robots (Yoo-jin). It is a difficult life, and the crew is dependent on its fate.

The crew comes across an abandoned ship and opens it, only to find out what appears to be a little girl. But it’s not a girl – it’s a deadly android that doubles as a bomb. While some of the crew want to sell Android, their captain refuses it.

Space Sweepers Official Trailer.

Looking at the trailer, it seems that his rivals are thinking the same thing. Gunfights, Hand-T0-Hand Fights, Space Fights, flying lots, spaceships, and more.

The whole idea looks like an overzealous mashup of Guardians of the Galaxy, Firefly, and last year’s The Wandering Earth. This is the type of film that just requires popcorn buckets as you sit with excitement.

Space Sweepers Release Date in Korea.

The film will be screened in Korea on 23 September. Hopefully, some distributors will pick up the film for a release in the United States at some point in the near future.

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