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Steven Universe Season 6 Release Date [Updates!] Is It Getting Cancelled?


Fans of Steven Universe are in great doubt since the 5th Season of the show ended. As they have not given any clarifications on the 6th Season of Steven universe.

Let see what updates we have about the upcoming season of the Steven Universe. Is it canceled? Or Is it renewed for season 6?

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Is 5th Season the Final Season of Steven Universe?

Fans were so convinced that Season 5 final episode, “Change Your Mind,” was that the series’ finale. Cartoon Network, Rebecca Sugar along with the whole fandom of “Steven Universe” remained tight-lipped on the show’s future. Nobody either affirms or denies if Season 5 has been indeed the last for the show.

Fans were convinced that Season 5 final episode, “Change Your Mind,” was the series’ finale. Cartoon Network, Rebecca Sugar, and the whole crewniverse of all “Steven Universe” remained tight-lipped on the show’s future. No one either affirms or denies if Season 5 has been really the final for the show.

Is Steven Universe Season 6 canceled?

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Cancellation rumors draw more attention together with the statement of “Steven Universe: The Film” in 2018. The trailer includes the 3 stone and Steven at a turning heart-shaped crimson gem, and a wicked laugh is heard as the gem twists a wicked shadow in a pigtail.

Steven Universe Renewed for Season 6?

Steven Universe is coming back for its sixth season, described as a limited epilogue following Steven Universe The Film, and also the very first teaser trailer has arrived with a premiere date for its newest episodes.

Titled Steven Universe Future, year 6 will release four back-to-back episodes on Saturday, Dec. 7, together with added episodes continued on Cartoon Network.

When will Steven Universe Season 6 Release?

The series, Steven Universe, because we know it has ended. This isn’t season 6. It’s a restricted epilogue series which will bring more closure to the SU story. I don’t believe the reason the show is finishing that was is because it was”canceled”.

The narrative reached a natural stopping point however this brand new series is present to tie up some loose ends.

What did Rebecca Sugar said on the Steven Universe Season 6?

She says, “So we can spend a little more time along with a crew, and within this world with these personalities.” Oddly enough, Cartoon Network approved of the idea of a film — but wanted the series to continue then. “I had been told that there was no point to a movie unless it existed to encourage more reveal,”

“So all of the sudden, I had 20 additional episodes to work while working on the movie. I was overjoyed, also tried to conceptualize a means to put the parts of the story we had intended to add in the first run in these additional episodes. But everything had to differ after the events of the film, therefore I had to approach these stories from a fresh angle.”

She further says she’d personally”changed a great deal, and heard a great deal,” because she first laid out the plan for the series back in 2012. Along with the new order for a movie along with a string, continuation had to express that expansion, by letting Steven grow up a bit also. At the same time,” the show was an emotional rollercoaster to us, and crew members were going on.

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