Web seriesStumptown Cancelled by ACB Network even after the Renewal...

Stumptown Cancelled by ACB Network even after the Renewal of Season 2.


According to Deadline’s report released on Wednesday, Stumptown has been officially canceled at ABC after one season. The fans are not happy with this, as they were eagerly waiting for the show to release.

The series was initially renewed for season 2 in May. But now the decision is taken back. According to sources, the decision was taken as there were some issues because of the Global Pandemic.

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What do we know about the show Stumptown?

As fans will remember, Stumptown was a part of ABC’s line-up, which was announced in June. Preparations were to return it at 10 pm on Wednesday. But the production of the show is delayed due to Corona Virus.


It is not possible for the series to return in the fall. So, ABC Network decided not to proceed with another season of the TV series.

The makers have not announced when the filming of the show is going to start. The production and filming of Stumptown is in Los Angeles.

Why ABC Network Cancelled Stumptown?

According to Deadline, the production of the show is delayed due to coronavirus. Because of the delay, the production of the show is not going to finish on time.

So ABC decided to cancel the show as they don’t want to spoil their new shows line-up.

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Which are the other shows Renewed with Stumptown by ABC?

The President of the ABC entertainment announced that they are going to renew some shows in the month of May.

They renewed the show taking into consideration the current virus around the world. Along with Stumptown 13 other shows were also renewed by the platform.

The Connors, The Bachelor, and the Goldberg are some of the shows renewed with Stumptown by ACB.

Kerry Burke who is president of ACB Network said that they will strictly follow their schedule. So that they can provide a good experience to the viewers.

For now, this is all the information available about the show. We will bring more updates about the show soon. So Stay Tuned.

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