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Taiwanese Actor and Tv Host Alien Huang found dead at 36 from unknown cause


According to Taiwanese news reporters, a well-known actor from Taiwan named Alien Huang. He is found dead in his house on Friday.

Due to serious injuries to his head, his body was on the toilet corridor floor in his home in Beito, Taipei. The actor, singer, and also a tv host was found in a really bad condition.

Who is Alien Huang?

Celebrity Alien Huang is famous for his stage name Xiao Gui (Little Ghost). He was an actor, singer, and TV host on the most popular shows of Taiwanese TV shows.

This discovery was made by his father at about 11:00 am on 18th September. Taiwanese police have sealed the house of the actor. They are now carrying out investigations to find any clue related to the death of the young actor.

How did The Actor-Singer Xiao Gui aka Alien Huang Died?

Police arrived and found the young man’s body without any trace. The police search team could not find a bottle of alcohol or any medicine around the body.

According to the police report, at the time of the murder, there were no signs of any forced entry into the house.

Seeing the condition of the body and the house in which the actor was found dead. It looks like it’s a suicide. However, the police were investigating every part so that to confirm it’s a suicide and not murder.

Alien’s management agency confirmed the news of Alien’s death to fans, saying that today the Asian entertainment industry has suffered a major loss. Till now these are the only details we know about the actor’s death.

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