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The 70s Show Removed from Netflix, Where to watch Now?


It is really a sad news for the fans of The 70s Show, as they will not get to see their favourite show on Netflix any more.

The 70s show is officially going to leave Netflix on 7 September after some legal issues. According to some sources the show is leaving Netflix as the contract to stream the 70s show on Netflix has not been renewed.

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Why The 70s Show is Leaving Netflix?

Another reason for the streaming giant Netflix to not renew the show is that, as we all know Netflix is coming up with more and more new Original content.

That-70s-Show where to watch

So they might not be interested in renewing the show. Creator of the show said that they will try to convince Netflix but it doesn’t work out they have other places to stream their show.

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Where can we watch all the seasons of the 70s show other than Netflix?

The fans of the 70s show were shocked to hear about their fav show leaving Netflix. For all the die-hard fans of the show, all the seasons and episodes of the 70s Show are available on Amazon Prime.

The cost to stream this series on Amazon prime is $1.99 Dollars per episode.

How the fans of the 70s show reacted on their fav show leaving Netlix?

So as a result all the 8 Season of 70s Show will be removed from Netflix. This will be applicable not only in United States but also other countries like Canada, United States and Australia.

The fans are really shocked by this news and many fans take this to twitter to express their feelings on the news of the 70s Show leaving Netflix.

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Twitter was filled with the shocking and sad tweets by the fans of the show when they heard that their favourite 70s show will be removed from Netflix.

One of the fan tweeted: “2020 Strikes again. They are taking that 70s Show off Netflix next week. I am not ok”.
Another user tweeted: “Why does this hurt so much?”
Another Fan said: “Oh no they took #that70sshow off of Netflix!! I haven’t finished it!!!”

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