Web series netflix Netflix's Holidate Ending Fully Explained and Plot Details

Netflix’s Holidate Ending Fully Explained and Plot Details


‘Holidate’ is a modern-era rom-com, working with two individuals, Sloan and Jackson, as they date each other on festive occasions over the course of a year.

But does this closeness ultimately translate to real romantic feelings? Starring Emma Roberts and Luke Bressi as the protagonists, the film puts its own unique spin on the genre. 

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Netflix’s Holidate Plot Details:

Sloan is a girl with a domineering mother, Elaine, who wants her to settle down and has a family-like her sister, Abby. When his younger brother, York, proposes to his girlfriend, Liz, over Christmas, it only makes the hero’s romantic plight worse. In addition, she has commitment issues with her ex-boyfriend, Luke, who betrayed her.

Jackson, on the other hand, is a professional golfer who hails from Australia. His dating life is also disgusting, and he meets most … unique women for lack of a better word. Sloane and Jackson meet at the mall one day and discuss how pathetic the holiday season has been for them.

Holidate Ending
Holidate Ending

This is when Sloan also talks about the concept of “holy”. Essentially, the two people act as dates to each other on festive occasions to avoid the insurmountable pressures associated with festive occasions. This Platonic relation also means that there is no expectation.


The two protagonists agree to act in this capacity for each other. The rest of the film considers their escape as they spend more and more time together, eventually developing romantic feelings.

What Happens in the last episode of Holidate?

At Thanksgiving, Susan brings a new date, Wally. However, he ends up having a relationship with Ellen. Sloan asks her aunt why Faruk was not worked with, to which she responds by saying that everything ends eventually so why delay the inevitable. Meanwhile, Mom burns the dinner, so Jackson and Sloane head to the shop.

How does Holidate Ended?

Seeing that Farooq is the doctor on call, she confesses her love for him, and the two meet again. Later, Sloan goes to Jackson’s apartment building but gets cold feet when he sees her from afar. Although they make eye contact at the mall, she is still too stubborn to talk to him.

It is only when her niece tells her not to miss the occasion that she pursues the man she loves. However, it is Christmas, and the mall is really crowded. Also, the choir is singing carols because of which Jackson cannot hear her.

But the choir extended a helping hand and sang his name out, attracting Jackson’s attention. After this, Sloane reveals her true feelings to everyone and says that she has really messed up.


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She tells him that the past year was the most fun she had ever had with anyone and it was a mistake to let her go. She wants to be with him every single day, not just on holidays or weekends. Jackson pretends to smile and reject him before walking to Sloan.

The Holidate Happy Ending

The two hug and kiss each other, and everyone is happy for them. In a photo montage, it is shown that the protagonists have moved to Land Down Under, while Abby and her husband have traveled to Las Vegas.

York and Liz are seen attached to tattoos. Elaine and Wally have adopted the dogs, while Jackson’s friend is now dating the same overbearing girl the protagonist had previously. All’s well that ends well!

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