movie The Hummingbird Project Ending Fully Explained!!

The Hummingbird Project Ending Fully Explained!!


The Hummingbird Project is one of the most interesting films, although many viewers are having a tough time understanding the ending of the movie.

If you are also one of them who didn’t get the ending of the show, then keep reading till the end to understand everything.

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What do we know about The Hummingbird Project?

The Hummingbird Project ‘is a Canadian-Belgian drama thriller film that combines finance and technology for an extraordinary venture. At its core, this is the story of how far people are willing to go to achieve their dreams.

However, the story itself is quite unique. The film is written and directed by Kim Nguyen, with Jesse Eisenberg, Alexander Skarsgård, Salma Hayek, and Michael Mando in lead roles. So, if you want to understand the end of the film, then you are in the right place.

The Hummingbird Project Ending
The Hummingbird Project Ending

What is The Hummingbird Project all about? What’s the Storyline of the Film?

Vincent and Anton Zaleski are cousins ​​who work under Eva Torres on Wall Street. But Vincent is able to secure funding from Brian Taylor for a project that facilitates quick data transmission timing, convincing Anton to leave the firm and join forces with him.

Eventually, the plan is to build a tunnel that includes a 4-inch fiber optic cable from the Kansas Electronic Exchange to the servers of the New York Stock Exchange in New Jersey. If they are able to reduce the time to just one millisecond, they can beat the market and earn huge profits.


While Vincent focuses on the business aspect, Anton is the coder responsible for bringing the time up to 16 milliseconds. Along with his contractor, Mark Vega, the cousins ​​set out on this journey to make their dreams come true.

What Happens at the End of the Hummingbird Project?

As things fade, Anton is finally able to figure out how to reduce the time by 1 millisecond. But Eva does not let her get ahead of the game so easily, and so she pressures the charges against Anton. The Genius coder is arrested by the FBI for stock market fraud.

He then calls Vincent from jail to tell him what happened. While working in difficult terrain, the construction team receives a message that points to a tower. During a conversation with Anton, Vincent says that insurance has refused to pay him. But the former has an idea that uses neutrino messaging to bring the time to 9 milliseconds.

It is a more robust technique and at the same time, it can penetrate through different terrains and objects. They joke about being able to buy all of Wall Street and then burn it. Finally, they go to the Amish farm to apologize to the village leader. It starts to rain, and Vincent helps other people put the sacks into the barn. He tells the Amish leader that he has removed the pipe from under the community land.


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While waiting for the rain to subside, the cousins ​​take refuge in the barn. Vincent expresses surprise at how he will process the existence of 16 milliseconds, and Anton responds by saying that Vincent’s life will still feel long as the person who has lived for 100 years.

Why is the Movie Named Hummingbird and What Exactly we Get from the Ending?

Title The Hummingbird Project is an appropriate title for the film, when you consider the subtle yet understandable statements made on human greed. We learn that a bird takes 16 seconds to flap its wings only once! Also, it can also fly backward.

This small fraction of time inevitably does wonders for this particular species. AU contraception, 16 milliseconds is the speed the Zalesky brothers need in order to make their venture a success.

To accomplish this goal, Vincent stops at nothing. Even he finds a way to sneak through protected Appalachian testing so that the tunnel can be built. If Vincent’s wings can “flap” as hummingbirds, he has the potential to earn millions of dollars. But as the film progresses, we learn that he has lost his career, credibility and health, just in search of a dream inspired by a dollar sign. Although he tries to maneuver as a bird, it is clearly not his fate.

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