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Would Idris Elba Play Bond? Who Is the New James Bond 007


As we all know, the upcoming James Bond movie will be the last movie of Daniel Craig as 007. Since then there has been a lot of competition on who will be the next James bond.

Now Idris Elba’s Name has been added to the list for the next James Bond. But is he really going to be the next 007? Read to know more…

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Is Daniel Craig Quitting as 007 From the James Bond Franchise?

Having said that he would rather damage himself than return into the tux, it didn’t take long for him to leap back into the Aston Martin.

The guy affirmed it from the April cover story, shushing recurring rumors that he is set to match again in the future. I am OK with quitting Bond for great,” he explained…

“I really don’t believe I would have been if I had done the previous film and that had been it. But this, I am like, ‘Let us go. Let’s get on with it. I’m fine.

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What do we know about Idris Elba as the upcoming James Bond?

Idris Elba is celebrating his 48th birthday today on September 6. The actor was created in 1972 at the Borough of Hackney in London, England.

He has carved a name for himself at the movies with stellar performances such as those in Luther, Fast and the Furious Gifts: Hobbs & Shaw, Thor franchise along with many more.

For decades, Elba has been in the race to be the next Bond following Daniel Craig and lovers also have expressed their enthusiasm in exactly the exact same. Below are five reasons why Idris Elba should be cast as the next James Bond.

Why Fans want Idris Elba to be the Next Bond?

The celebrity of this Wire and Luther has long been a front-runner. A favorite choice with fans and critics alike. Amidst all the other names which are thrown around, Elba’s has been the one which keeps appearing to harvest up.

Unsurprisingly, provided he is the best match for the Bond standards: tall, very ridiculously magnetic, attractive.

Recent reports imply that the pendulum has swung entirely towards Elba (much to our delight), with Barbara Broccoli, the franchise’s producer, hailed as stating ‘it’s time’ to get a non-white actor to have the role as Bond, James Bond.

Elba fits the standards as an actor, however, and shouldn’t be assumed as the only real agent for the function, but of course, we’re trusting Broccoli’s announcement is finally commissioned, and that better than one of those front-runners to become Britain’s best known Secret Service representative.

Why James Bond Lovers Don’t want Idris Elba as the Next 007?

Quite simply the second might have passed. Elba is 45: just four years younger than Daniel Craig, who is approaching the end of the Bond career. His age has been the biggest variable in the argument from Idris Elba.

If this were the motive for him to overlook playing among the greatest functions in Hollywood and for us to miss watching him on our displays we’d be less than impressed.

In the end, Roger Moore was the exact same age after he picked up the part in 1973 (Live and Let Die), and retired out of Bond elderly 58. Moral of the story: there is lots of time.

Which Other Celebrities are in the Queue for Next James Bond after Daniel Craig?

There are lots of famous celebrities which are considered to be in the queue to replace Daniel as Bond. The Celebrities are:

• Tom Hardy
• Michael B Jordan
• Sam Heughan
• Michael Fassbender
• Richard Madden
• James Norton
• Tom Hiddleston
• Riz Ahmed

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