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Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 : [Wild Twist] Will Lucifer Be The Ruler of Heaven?


This has been a really good year for all the Lucifer Fans. As we all know Lucifer Season 5 has been released, and it has received a lot of positive responses from fans and critics all over the world.

The good news for all the Lucifer fans is that they are now going to a Part 2 of Season 5. The Number of Episodes in season 5 of Lucifer has been extended to 16.
Let’s see more about Part 2 of the show.

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What we know about Part Two of Netflix’s Lucifer Season 5?

Netflix had always planned for Lucifer Season 5 to be broken into 2, using the first eight episodes end on a pivotal moment that watched the long-overdue debut of God. Because you can imagine, Lucifer, Michael, along with Amenadiel were quite surprised to see their dad, especially given how elusive he’s been all these years.

Now that God’s finally entered the film, fans should anticipate Part 2 of the fifth year to become full of much more chaotic family play compared to the first half. Nevertheless, here is everything we know about Lucifer Season 5 Part 2, such as its release date, storyline, and more.

Lucifer Part 2 of Season 5
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When Can We Expect Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 to Release?

It’s unclear when Netflix will debut the second half of this year. We know the cast had a bit more than half of the last episode of Season 5 abandoned to movie before wrap this season. But, the pandemic struck and production shutdowns compelled Lucifer to press pause for now.

With so many shows led back to filming, it’s possible that Lucifer will pick up with production very soon. However, it is unclear at this point once the cast and crew of this series will return to complete the season.

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What will be the Plot for Part 2 of Season 5 of Lucifer?

That fight finally finishes with lights beaming to the office building and God standing at the top of the stairs.

We’re still yet to see exactly what Michael’s endgame or ultimate plan is telling Lucifer “OH, you’ll only need to wait and see.” Some have theorized that when the series sticks to the comic book origins, it might eventually result in the creation of what we now know is the DC Universe.

We do know some other things about season 5 part 2 such as the fact that we might get to see Maze’s (played by Lesley-Ann Brandt) demon face along with her telling a socket: “I’ve a great scene at the rear half of the year with Dennis and it’s incredibly… Well, you have to watch my fanatic face in that scene, I think I can drop that in there!”

Name of All the New Episodes from Lucifer Season 5 Part 2.

Long before Lucifer year 5 part released on Netflix, we had been slowly teased all the episode titles and who had been put to write and guide.

Here is the list of all the Episodes from Part 2 of 5th Season:

Ep 9 – “Family Dinner”
Ep 10 – “Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam”
Ep 11 –“Resting Devil Face”
Ep 12 – “Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid”
Ep 13 – “A Little Harmless Stalking”
Ep 14 – “Nothing Lasts Forever”
Ep 15 – “Is This Really How It’s Going to End?!”
Ep 16 – “A Chance At a Happy Ending”

Which Celebrities will be Included in the Cast of Part Two of Season 5?

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Tom Ellis, who plays the titular character, will obviously be returning. Ellis recently told Men’s Health he got into the best shape of his entire life ahead of filming 4, thus we can probably anticipate Lucifer to be ripped off as hell once the show comes back from hiatus.

After filming for the season started, Tom Ellis submitted a humorous behind-the-scenes video from the group. The actor said that filming has been “sexy in more ways than one.”
It was recently announced that Dennis Haysbert has been cast in a very important part.

Haysbert will play with God, along with his role will see him spend time with his sons Lucifer and Amenadiel, who are played by Ellis and Woodside, respectively. This marks the first time which God will appear on the sequence.

What Can We Expect from Part 2 of Season 5 of Lucifer?

Naturally, the principal star who featured right at the end of the episode will be continuing his look into the second half of we are referring to Dennis Haysbert who performs the part of God with his inclusion in the series being announced back in January 2020.

In May 2020, we learned first that Alison McAtee who is famous for her work The Haves and the Have Nots on OWN and Californication would guest star as Elizabeth Newman in episode 14.

Where Can We Watch Part 1 and Part 2 of Lucifer’s Season 5?

Part 1 of season 5 has been already released and it is available for streaming on Netflix. So if you have not watched Part one of 5th Season. You can stream it anytime on Netflix.
We can also expect that the Part 2 of Season 5 will also release on Netflix soon.

Will Season 5 the Final Season of Lucifer or we can get Season 6?

It’s not the final season like we thought. Season 5 has been supposed to be the end of the show, but for the next moment, Lucifer obtained itself un-canceled. The sixth and actual final season will begin filming directly after generation wraps on the final episodes of Season 5.

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