movie Marvel's Helstrom Ending Fully Explained!!

Marvel’s Helstrom Ending Fully Explained!!


The cliffhanger ending of the Marvel’s Helstrom has forced many of its viewers to watch it multiple times in order to get the ending right.

So if you are having a tough time understanding the ending of the show, then we are here to help you with it. Keep reading to know everything about the movie.

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What do we know about The Helstrom?

Developed by Paul Zbyszewski (agent for S.H.I.E.L.D.), it is a cinematic adaptation of the Marvel Comics characters Dyman (Tom Austen) and Satna “Ana” Hellstrom (Sydney Lemon), a siblings with psychic abilities.

The series was considered one of the first ventures in the occult and supernatural side of Marvel Studios’ shared ventures, but those plans have been scrapped. Game AHEAD!

Helstrom Ending Explained

What Happened in Helstrom till now? A Quick Recap

The series revolves around siblings Daimon and Ana Helstrom. Both have supernatural abilities, inherited from their demonic father. Daimon can create mystical flammable energy that can burn demons and devastate them from their human devices, while Ana has self-sufficient abilities that allow her to feed off the energy of other creatures.

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The narrative between the siblings’ childhood and the present goes back and forth. We learn that as children, they were tortured by their fathers to bring out their innate abilities. At one point, he takes Ana and goes on a murder spree across the country. He later became his companion, often acting as bait to lure his victims.

As an adult, Daemon lives in Portland and is a moralist professor at a local university. He is also the secular exorcist, working closely with the head of the St. Teresa Center for Mental Health, Louise Hastings (June Cariel). Damon and Ana’s mother, Victoria (Elizabeth Marvel), is a patient in St. Teresa known as a mother, known as a powerful, rogue entity two decades a go.


Daemon tried several times to drive the demon out of his body but was unsuccessful each time. On the other hand, Ana is living in San Francisco and runs an ancient business with her childhood friend Chris Yen (Ellen Uy). Unlike the daemon who has sufficient control over her powers, Ana has made her abilities more unstable and dangerous.

How did Marvel’s The Hellstrom Ended?

Due to Hastings’ declining health, Dymon finds a new companion, the Vatican agent Gabriella Rosetti (Ariana Guevara). It is later revealed that Hastings has lung cancer. The yen gets near a keeper’s skull, a relatively less maleistic species of demons that can be used to seal other demons.

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The siblings manage to destroy the demon they believe to be their father with a skull, only to find out that it is in fact the mother’s son. She manipulates them into thinking that their father has returned, so she can escape from the mental facility and acquire a new host. Damon and Gabriella go to the house they grew up in to find one half of their father’s knife.

There, he is ambushed by an ancient and secret demon-fighting organization known as Blood, of which Henry (AKA The Caretaker) is a member. He easily subjugates them but lets them go with the warning that if they had gone after his sister, he would not have left them.

Helstrom Episode 9

Episode 9 reveals the real plans of the mother. Instead of using Gabriella as her long-term host, she wants to be the soul of her unborn child. Gabriella appears to be several months pregnant. She learns that, while the mother is inhabiting the fetus, she is insecure.

She manages to drive away her demonic prisoners and escapes. She goes to Dimon’s house, where she learns from Hastings and Victoria that only one day has passed since her abduction.

How Exactly Helstrom Ended on a Cliffhanger?

The season ends with disillusioned and dissatisfied Gabriella joining the blood. Hastings survives and discovers that he is free of cancer. The bond between Daimon, Ana, and his mother is stronger than ever. Yen accepts his responsibility as the keeper and swears to see the reborn mother. A month later, the girl is already a victim and is traveling with Yen. Dimon and Ana’s father (Mitch Pilgy) make their first appearance. He reveals that the mother is also one of his children and takes the girl away.

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