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Michael B Jordan May be Returning for Creed 3! Latest Updates


Fans have been eagerly waiting for Creed 3, as its first two seasons were an absolute thriller and got a good response from viewers.

Let’s see what updates do we have about the Renewal Status, Release Date, Cast, and other details for the upcoming part of Creed.

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Why fans are so Excited about Creed 3?

Since the second installment hit theaters nearly two years ago, cult fans have been waiting for an update on a third film in the series. Michael B. Jordan, Tessa Thompson, and Rocky legend Sylvester Stallone are full of other projects.

It was already revealed that a writer was tapped for the project, but not much has been said on the matter. Now, it not only appears that the film may actually happen, but it could bring Jordan to a prominent position.

Michael Jordan Creed 3
Michael Jordan Creed 3

Why Creed 3 is taking so long to get Renewed?

According to Deadline, Michael B. Jordan has been tapped for both direct and star in cult 3. The development is mentioned discussing dealing with MGM’s release of No Time to Die in the business. No other details were given apart from the brief mention of the Jordan Direction.

Should Jordan perform directing duties, he would be the third to do so. The 2016 film, originally conceived by Ryan Coogler, was received with critical acclaim. For the 2018 follow-up, Steve Capel Jr. took over from Coogler. The film performed well at the box office but did not receive as much praise as its predecessor.

Is Michael Jordan also the producer for the 3rd part of Creed?

Only Michael B. from going to the director’s seat. Jordan’s interest in working behind the scenes will increase. It was recently reported that the actor would work as a producer in Warner Bros. and DC’s Static Shock Movie. He also served as a producer on last year’s Just Mercy and will continue those duties on his upcoming action piece, Without Remorse.

Sylvester Stallone may not be Included in the Cast of Creed 3?

Following the release of Creed II, Tessa Thompson hoped that a third film would be made. Sylvester Stallone, on the other hand, initially indicated that he was retiring the character of Rocky Balboa.

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However, the 74-year-old actor seems to have had a change of heart, as he has stated that he is developing another Rocky spinoff. This story Balboa meets a young immigrant and trains him as a boxer. With this, it is unclear whether Stallone will have any involvement in a possible third cult film.

What can we expect from the Plot of Creed 3?

Creed II sees “Donnie” and Rocky confronted by their past, as will the former take on Ivan Drago’s son, the man who killed Donnie’s father, Apollo Creed. The young fighter will emerge victorious in the end and make peace with his father’s death. Finally Rocky also saw a reunion with her son in Vancouver.

While this may be unchanged territory for Michael B. Jordan, the actor is constantly proving that he has a creative drive to succeed in Hollywood. It will be interesting to see where he takes the character of Adonis Creed if he comes to do all this.

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