AnimeRe: Zero Returning for Season 3? Release Date Updates

Re: Zero Returning for Season 3? Release Date Updates


Fans are already talking about Re: Zero Season 3, even though it has not been a long time since season 2 of the anime released.

Let’s see what updates do we have about the Renewal Status, Release Date, and other details about the upcoming season of the show.

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What do we know about Season 3 of Re: Zero?

Fans are eagerly waiting for another season of Rezero and it would be surprising to hear that the makers are already doing something for it. They are planning for Rezero season 3.

Also, in a recent interview the producer of Rezero, Sho Tanaka has revealed about bringing in another season for it. All updates about it are here.

Re: Zero Season 3 Updates
Re: Zero Season 3 Updates

Re: Zero Season 2 Updates

Season 2 of the ReZero is been released in two parts, and currently, ReZero is airing Season 2 Part 1. And its second part will be released in January 2021. It will have 25 episodes and ends in mid-March 2021.

What do we know about the Release Date of Re Zero Season 3?

In a recent interview, the producers were seen talking about season 3 and they had to think about the second season because of its popularity. But Season 3 will take a lot of time to go to production.

The second season was renewed in 2017 but released in 2020 and its second part will be released in 2021. And according to the official announcement, it will be done in 2021 after the end of the second part of Season 2.

Is there any Official Trailer for Season 3 of Re: Zero?

There has been no official announcement for Season 3 so far and the trailer is scheduled to be released after that. But the trailers for seasons 1 and 2 are already out. You can check those out.

What Information do we have about the Cast of ReZero Season 3?

Season 3 of the anime has renewed unofficially but the makers have not yet given much information about the upcoming season of the anime. However, we can expect most of the main characters to return in the 3rd installment of the anime.

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Where to Watch Re: Zero Upcoming and Previous Seasons?

Re: zero is available on many streaming platforms. Crunchyroll and Funimation provide anime. And later within 1 or 2 weeks it also provides English subtitles and dubs for all anime which are available. Apart from this, Netflix also has a Rezero anime Fiction license the anime.

And for season 3 it will be interesting to see where it will be screened first. In addition, many other local streaming websites also release anime a few weeks after the official release. And until the release of season 3, watch season 1 and season 2 and wait for the second part of season 2

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