celebsSonu Sood accused of Helping Fake Twitter Accounts! Know...

Sonu Sood accused of Helping Fake Twitter Accounts! Know More


As we all know Indian actor Sonu Sood was helping many poor people during the Lockdown in India. He was also praised a lot by social media for his kind work.

But now a user accused Sonu that the Twitter accounts to which he provided help were fake and he doing all this form his own benefits.

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Everything you should know about the Alligations on Sonu Sood

Sonu Sood accused of helping in fake accounts; Shared evidence and said, ‘I have found a needy, they somehow find me’. A Twitter user accused Sonu Sood of running a PR practice, with which the actor shared evidence on social media. He has responded to the user with proof of his help to someone in need.

This year, Sinu Sood has become the Messiah for many across the country. Not only has he helped migrant workers return to their homes safely, but he has also offered help to many students, medical patients, and others. But there are some people who are not sure of his mercy.

Sonu Sood accused of Helping Fake Accounts
Sonu Sood accused of Helping Fake Accounts

Sonu Sood accused of providing Help to Fake People by a Twitter user

A Twitter user named Snehal asked the son to help him in the treatment of his ailing child, prompting Sonu to help. A Twitter user alleged that Sonu is practicing PR and Snehal’s account is not valid. they wrote,

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“New Twitter A / C only 2-3 followers. A Trainer has tagged Sonu Sood. No location mentioned. Contact details. No email address but Sonu Sood somehow found the tweet and offered to help. In the earlier handle, Most of them sought help to delete their tweets. How this PR team works. “

How Sonu Responded to the Alligations by the User?

Sonu shared screenshots of the hospital’s scheduled pediatric surgery to take note of Snehal’s name. Another photograph also showed tests performed on a 1.5-year-old child. Sonu Sood wrote that he finds the needy and they somehow find them. It is all about intentions and further informs the user that he has not understood.

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