Web series The Day of The Lord Ending: How Does It...

The Day of The Lord Ending: How Does It Ends


‘The Day of the Lord’ is a Spanish-language horror film, considered to be the first entry in the proposed film series ‘Menendez’.

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What do we know about the movie The Day of the Lord?

It surfaced as part of Netflix’s Halloween 2020 collection. Directed by Santiago Alvarado Iliari, the film tells the story of a retired priest named Menendez (Julie Fabragas), who is persecuted by the crime of his previous actions.

One day, a friend visits him and asks his daughter for his help, who claims that he has a demon. Reluctant at first, Mendez eventually agrees to help the young girl, hoping it will lead to his redemption.

The Day of the Lord Ending
The Day of the Lord Ending

What’s the whole plot of The Day of The Lord?

Menendez lives alone in an old and Ramshakal home. He struggles every day to bear the last remnants of his faith. Someone regularly calls her landline, asking about her wellbeing. A woman named Marissa (Dolores Heredia) goes to his house every week to check on him.

It is revealed that he performed a ghost exorcism on Marissa’s son, and although he eventually forced the demon to leave the boy’s body, the young child died in the process. Menendez has since suffered from nightmares about the incident.

One day, an old friend named Sebastian (Hector Illness) shows up at his door. He tells the former priest that his daughter is possessed by Raquel (Ximena Romo) and asks for Menendez’s help. He claims that he has gone to everyone from doctors to doctors, but no one is able to help him. Menendez warns her that his methods are cruel, and Sebastian does not want his daughter to leave him.


How does The Day of the Lords Ended?

Sebastian replies that it would be better for his daughter to die and live with God and live with the devil. After sufficient contemplation, Menendez agrees to serve the Lord and brings Raquel back from the clutches of the demon. Mendez hopes that in order to save his friend Sebastian’s girl, Raquel brings him redemption for his failure with Marissa’s son. After a long time, Raquel does not go to Menendez’s house.

At first, she appears like any other rebellious teenager who is forced to do something against her will. Menendez secretly experiments on her to see if she is possessed by a demon and realizes that a maleist is definitely using her as a host. On Sunday, also known as Lord’s Day, giving the film its name, he calls Sebastian from Raquel’s phone and asks him to come to his house to help him exorcise it.

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What Happens at the End of the Day of the Lord?

The last few days have tested the patience and virtue of the former priest. Soon after his arrival, Raquel (or the demon within him) is tyrannical and abusive. When he doesn’t work, he tries to seduce, which Menendez knocks him out, takes him to the basement, and captures him.


When he starts torturing her to purify the soul of demonic influence, his tone changes again. Now, he is a victim of terrible abuse. This leaves a deep impact on Menendez, as well as he fears that the effort may result in the death of the person he is trying to save.

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Who is the Person That Keeps on Calling Menendez?

Throughout the film, Menendez appears to have this phone on his landline, a well-wisher. The closing scenes show that the phone cable is off. . The biggest mystery of The Day of the Lord is the identity of this caller. Assuming this imaginary world to be full of supernatural beings, we can safely assume that these calls actually occur and are not merely a supposition of Menendez’s imagination.

Whatever it is, it seems altruistic. The way Menendez communicates with it suggests that he considers it divine. Either way, if Netflix’s plan to make a series out of this film does not materialize, the answer to this question will be found in the sequel.

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