movieThe Invitation's Ending: Explained! What Happened to Claire?

The Invitation’s Ending: Explained! What Happened to Claire?


The Invitation Ending: Everything you should know!

Eden (Tammy Blanchard) and her new husband, David (Michael Huisman), throw a dinner party and invite Eden’s ex-husband, Will (Logan Marshall-Green).

The pair’s tragic past haunts an equally frightening present: between Eden’s suspicious behavior and his mysterious house guests, Will becomes convinced that his invitation was extended with a hidden agenda.

Revealing a dark evening in the Hollywood Hills, the film blurs layers of growing paranoia, suspense, and horror, until both Will – and the audience – are unsure of which threats are real or imaginary.

The Invitation's Ending Explained

The Invitation’s Ending Explained!!

Will wanders into his former home and resurrects many moments such as the death of his young son Ty and Eden’s suicide attempt. Throughout the film, Will suspects something wrong with David and his friends.

Later, Will receives a voice message from Choi that he has reached Eden early. Eden and David will confront and ask what they did to her. After all the chaos, Choi arrives late as he goes back to his office for some work.

He is ashamed of everything Will said to Eden and David. He then apologizes to both of them. Tommy appears behind David, in the stairway, something in his hand. David turns, cries, falls into Tommy, and they fall down the stairs, struggling.

Tommy manages to dip a knife at David and loosen himself. He pulls out the key from David’s pocket. Gets on the floor of the dining room for Eden. Before her last wet breaths, she tells him that she misses him, which means Ty.

She asks Will to take her out. Kiara goes, helping Will take Eden back out, where they lay him down. Where he eventually dies. Tommy staggers, standing near Kira. When Tommy says that he needs to go back to pick up Miguel, Will and Kiara say that they will meet him on the street.

Will then noticed that the red lantern he had seen David before – – it was still shining bright. Soon he/we see, near other houses on the hill, at least a dozen red lanterns!

Why Viewers can’t Understand the Ending of The Invitation?

While natural law is certainly the compass governing all of us, the involvement of the human hand in its action makes it impure and snatches away its original form and shape. Kusama explores the subject metaphorically through Sadie.

The first impression of seeing him is that he was brainwashed and misled. Obtaining obedience from such a person is quite easy, thus enabling opponents to manipulate them to achieve more satanic goals.

He is like one of those taps, or Sahara, in a larger, much more inhumane narrative, which constantly tries to plunge itself into ascension and overthrow the natural order.

‘Invitation’ is static in not overplaying the concept and strikes a perfect balance, which runs on the line between jealous level-primacy between subtle and subtle, contextual realism on a spiritual level.

Overall, ‘The Invitation’ is more than an impressive effort and is certainly a film that offers great potential for the modern-redefined meaning of horror cinema.

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The Invitation Movie Climax!

It’s a bit cliché and reminiscent of the first Purge home invasion type of climax, but Oh Boy hits the fan. This climax is nothing special but if you were growing uninterested before this point.

Where nothing worried was going to happen, you were happy to be proven wrong. It has a test of energy, enthusiasm, and tension that I am not going to spoil, but keeps the film well on top.

The Invitation (2015) Movie Star Cast!

Logan Marshall-Green as Willow
Tammy Blanchard as Eden
Michael Huisman as David
Miyatzi Corinelli as Kiran
Lindsay Burge as Sadie
Michelle Krusiek as Gina
Jordi Vilasuso as Miguel
Mike Doyle as Tommy
John Carroll as Lynch Pruito
Carl Yoon as Choi
Dr. Joseph as Toby Huss
Maryah Delfino as Claire

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