The Invitation’s Ending: Explained! What Happened to Claire?

The Invitation


The Invitation’s Ending is one of the most Confusing and also Interesting. Many viewers are having a hard time figuring the ending of the horror Movie.

But after reading this you will understand everything about the Ending of the horror movie The Invitation and Also What Happened to Claire.

What do we know the Horror Thriller The Invitation?

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For most of its runtime, The Invitation presents as an isolated event where a group of friends has been enticed by a grieving mother and her new partner so they can be ritualistically murdered.

As the night grows and the property guests are whittled down in a succession of strikes, the stress apparently revolves around the survivors’ efforts to escape the house in which they’ve been trapped. All of the guests need to do is life long enough to find a means out and they will be secure this what they believe.

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The Invitation’s Ending Explained!!

As written by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi, most of the pressure in the film comes in two waves, the initial misunderstanding of what’s happening, and then the guests’ despair to prevent their planned fate.

The various partygoers are trying to reconnect with Eden (Tammy Blanchard) in the aftermath of her divorce from Will after the passing of the son Ty, as well as her attempted suicide. There’s an undeniable sense that something isn’t quite right with the evening’s festivities.

That element explodes into violence at the film’s final act when it is revealed that the team Eden, David, and Pruitt belong – The Invitation – really is a cult that believes the way to create peace is through death.

The rest of the film is really a desperate battle for survival between hosts and guests who leave all but Can, Kira, Tommy, and a fatally injured Eden alive. After making their way beyond, apparently to security, the group finds that the red lantern David lit earlier in the day is actually a signpost that confirms a murder party is happening inside.


Since the survivors examine the Los Angeles hills, they are confronted with the sight of dozens of other red lanterns as far as the eye could see, indicating that theirs was but one such episode.

Why Viewers can’t Understand the Ending of The Invitation?

Part of this reason this ending works as well as it’s due to the time the extent of the chaos is revealed, the audience assumes that the danger has already passed. The film’s first two acts have been rife with suspicion, mistrust, and misdirection.

Director Karyn Kusama ratchets up the tension by literally stranding her viewers within the home along with the personalities, keeping an overwhelming sense of claustrophobia and inability to escape for nearly the entire movie.

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From the time that the remaining characters stumble outdoors, there’s an undeniable catharsis: characters and audience equally have lived the attempted murder plot and emerge the other side.

This feeling of relief, nevertheless, is instantly undercut from the slow reveal of red lanterns lighting up the darkness, hinting nefariously at the vast conspiracy which was originally regarded as a small, contained, isolated episode.

With this last shot, there is no reassurance for those personalities or even the audiences. By sheer virtue of its mature restraint and the sucker punch of fear it packs throughout, The Invitation is one of the greatest horror movies of the previous ten years. And also a huge contributor to the success is the ending.

What Happened to Claire in The Invitation?

Most likely Claire resides. The movie builds suspense around her leaving, but ultimately I think that was merely to increase the air and was actually only a red herring. If Pruitt failed to kill Claire, it would have needed to be quick. He was not gone so we have a tough time frame for him to perform it.


Potential, however tight. It would also have needed to be quiet as you can hear them talking faintly from outside the window, therefore no quick kills such as a gun. The next issue is that when Pruitt returned wasn’t covered in blood and wasn’t missing his coat, therefore traumatic along with other more grisly methods which are fast are also narrowed.

Pruitt also had to maneuver Claire’s car then since, because we learned late at the dinner it would have been possible for a person to walk on Pruitt trying to kill her. It is possible with film magic she could have been murdered, disposed of, and explained away, but I really don’t think that could be in line with Claire’s personality or the motives of Eden, David, along with Pruitt.

Does Claire Lives or Die in the Invitation’s Ending?

Claire lives because she is the vanilla character that, when faced with a decision to keep in a risky scenario states, “Nah, I am fine; later men.” In the film, we see both Claire and Will using ideas that the party is bizarre.

Claire makes the sensible decision to leave after Pruitt shares his backstory and the game they had been playing got kinky. Understanding what we know about the following essential plotline in the film should also relieve some concerns over her destiny.