Web seriesIs White Chicks 2 Going to Happen? Latest Renewal...

Is White Chicks 2 Going to Happen? Latest Renewal Updates


White Chicks did fairly well in its first season, fans of the show are now eagerly waiting for White Chicks Season 2 to release soon.

Let’s see what updates do we have about the release date, cast, plot, and other details of the show.

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What do we know about White Chicks 2?

Allegedly, Marlon Waynes is seeking more serious roles in his career, however, he still wants to be in the sequel to White Wicks. Determining Marlon’s comedy chops, viewers see him doing practically everything from starring as a child to a small human being in seven specific versions of himself in a film.

White Chicks 2
White Chicks 2

Marlon Waynes has played bizarre roles in the gruesome comedy, White Cheeks still remains the best and most popular character he has played by suing him in the role of a Caucasian woman.

What’s the renewal status of White Chicks Season 2?

Last year, Terry Crew stated that the sequel to White Chicks is in the making. According to him, he has collaborated with Sean Waynes on the project and White Chicks 2 seemed like a finished deal.

However, Marlon soon turned down the claims and posted on Instagram that no agreement had been reached between them yet. In another interview, Marlon promised fans that he would keep them updated as soon as the deal was final.

What Can We Expect from the Plot of White Chicks Season 2?

White Chicks was directed by Keenan Ivory Waynes, which premiered in 2004. The film begins with Marlon and Sean as black men who are acting as agents for the FBI and turn themselves into white women to solve the kidnapping case.

The film received a wide range of opinions from critics, but was successful at the box office, as it grossed over $ 113 million from a $ 37 million budget. White Chicks is also one of those films that has been developing a cult following since its initial release.

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