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Cheese in the Trap Season 2: Release Date Updates! Cast & Plot


Cheese in the Trap Season 2: Everything you should know

‘Cheese in the Trap’ is a South Korean television series, written by Kim Nam-hee and Go Sun-hee and directed by Lee Yoon-Jung. The series is an adaptation of a webtoon of the same name. It tells the story of Hong Seol, who starts dating Yoo Jung, a wealthy, popular, and seemingly senior.

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However, Seol soon exposes a dark and menacing side to Jung’s personality. In ‘Trap’ season 1, Paneer has left fans wanting more for his performance and performance. The question arises as to whether or not there will be a thing in season 2 of Trap. We are hereafter presenting some details about the show.

Cheese in the Trap 2 Plot Details: What will Happen

‘Cheese in the Trap’ begins by introducing us and exploring the characters in depth. Hong Seol is a timid and quiet girl who often holds her own opinion. Yau Jung is a senior in her school and is a rich child. Jung is successful, popular, and seemingly generic.

Cheese in the Trap 2
Cheese in the Trap 2

However, Seol notices a dark and rather sinister side to his personality. An example of this dark side is seen when Seol is watching rust in the cafeteria. Jung splashes water on a girl’s jacket and has a visible creepy smile that glows on Jung’s face as she enjoys people’s suffering.

However, Seong’s perception of Jung changes when he treats her very differently. Seoul always ends up in difficult situations and Jung is constantly helping them out. It is clear that Jung finds something special in Seol and is always there for her and protects her. The rest of the school girls don’t like Seol not being taken care of by the war.

More Storyline Details for Season 2 of the show

The story also introduces us to Baek-in and Baek In-ha, who are siblings and adopted into the Jung family. However, they have moved away from the rust due to their unpleasant and cold nature. Tensions escalate between them when they warn Seul of the war and tell him to stay away from him.

Seoul still feels cautious around Jung, but eventually decides to spend more time with Jung. Meanwhile, In-ha and Seol find a friend in each other. They realize that they have a lot to do and relate to each other and start spending more time together. This amazing friendship is possibly interrupted when Jung does not accept it.

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Seul can see good things in Jung but constantly hears dark things about him from people. Very Paneer in the Trap has shown some very interesting stories that have you leaning to know the story even more. It tells a wonderful story of how a girl is torn between choosing love and escaping from her darkness. The superb acting by the cast ensured this series was placed on the top shelf.

Which Celebs are returning for the Cast of Cheese in the Trap Season 2?

Kim Go-Yoon makes her television debut and gives a memorable performance as Hong Seol, a beautiful and naive girl who sees and believes in the good in people. Go-Un rose to mainstream success after her role in the series ‘E Museum’, for which she won the Best New Actress award.

In addition, she has been a part of other television dramas including dramas Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016) and) Sunset in My Hometown (2018). Park Hai-jin stars as Yo Jung, a wealthy, popular, and successful child who also has a dark side of manipulating and cooling.

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Ha-jin is best known for her roles in ys Bad Guys 2014 (2014), St Doctor Stranger ’(2014), and Man to Man’ (2017). The series also features actors Kang Kang-Joon and Lee Sung-Kyung, who play siblings In-ho and Beck In-ha. They are adopted into Jung’s family but have turned away from him due to his nature.

What will be the Release Date for Cheese in the Trap Season 2?

And Paneer in the Trap ‘season 1 was released on cable network TVN on 6 January 2014 and continued for 14 episodes until 1 March 2014. While it is a conversion of a webtoon with the same name, it has a different ending.

It has been a long time since season 1 aired, but there is still no official statement from the creators about the second season. Among the fan community, the rumors have continued to be particularly rounded, as Season 1 has an open end.

It would be great if we got to see another season because there could be a lot more to the story. For now, though, the best we can hope for is that ‘Cheese in the Trap’ Season 2 gets a release date soon, hopefully, until December 2020 or late 2021, at the very least. We will keep updating this section whenever any official news comes.

Is there any Official Trailer for the Cheese in the Trap Season 2?

There are no updates given by the makers on the possible trailer for the upcoming season of the show. But we can soon expect one as the show has been renewed for the 2nd season.

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