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Constantine Season 2: Cancelled or Renewed? Everything About the Show


What do we know about Constantine Season 2?

Constantine season 2 hasn’t happened since the show was canceled on NBC, but it would be a smart move for DC once Legends of Tomorrow season 4. Although, John Constantine’s series failed on Network TV, the trenchcoat-clotted occultist remained so popular that he jumped into a completely different show – CW’s Arrow.

Later made it a regular in a series on Tomorrow’s Legend Gone. Now, it’s time for the CW to start thinking about John Constantine’s future – and that means reviving his solo series for Season 2 when his time on The Waverider ends.

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Based on the rock star Sting and created in 1984 by comics legend Alan Moore and artists Stephen R. Bissett, and John Totlben in the pages of the DC Saga of Swamp Thing, John Constantine grew into the most beloved magician in the DC Universe.

He starred in his own comics series Hellblazer, Constantine and Constantine: The Hellblazer. The popularity of the evil demonologist led to the 2005 feature film Constantine, but casting Keanu Reeves as the American version of the British mage did not win fans old or new.

Constantine Season 4 updates
Constantine Season 4 updates

Still, you can’t put a good magician down. Given the popularity of DC properties such as Arrow and The Flash at NBC in the 2014 Continental TV series, this time Matt Ryan was cast and made John a blond, bi-sexual Englishman. Unfortunately, the time of the occult arbitrator on the Mayur network was short-lived.

Why Constantine’s show was canceled by NBC

The consecutive season 2 never happened because the show was canceled by NBC due to poor ratings. During the fall 2014 season, the first eight episodes of the series aired at 10 pm on Friday night. This difficult time meant that Constantine’s young core audience was not watching the series live;

In fact, the show posted strong numbers for viewers to watch later via DVR or streaming, but NBC considered Constantine too expensive to justify its low ratings.

For Season 1, the network declined to return nine episodes and when the series returned from winter hiatus, a move to the 8 pm primetime slot on Friday evening did little to raise ratings.

Constantine was canceled on May 8, 2015 – but it was the beginning of an end to the series-smoking war. John Constantine lived in his own universe on NBC, but The CW’s Arrowversion was where he really was, and both Arrow’s producers and fans wanted him there.

Constantine made the leap and guest-starring in the episode “Haunted” for Arrow Season 4, then supposedly “a special one-time dispensation” given by DC.

But instead of just a one-shot, the door opened wide only to John Constantine; The continuation of his NBC series was made part of Archvert, and Matt Ryan voiced his signature character in the Seed Seed animated series Constantine: City of Demons.

The evil demonologist appeared in two episodes of The Legend of Tomorrow season 3, which perfectly matches up with the misfit heroes faced against a magical threat named Mallus.

In fact, Constantine fits in well with the time-travel giants, with The CW announcing that Matt Ryan will feature in a series regular in Season 4, which cemented John Constantine as a key player in the Arrowverse And completed his resurgence from NBC. Cancellation organ.

Will Constantine Return for Season 2?

Constantine changed the direction of the legends of tomorrow; Season 4 was now about misfit time-travelers fighting supernatural nuisances and a demon with a grudge against their new arch-enemy, Neron, John.

In return, the British mage found new comedic dimensions against Sara Lance, Mick Rory, Ray Palmer, and Zari Tomaz – the uncrowned king of Arrowever. And yet, John Constantine is not the type of bloke who will prevail forever through time.

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The next step is really what Last Prize fans want: Constantine Season 2 on The CW. Ultimately, John has left the magical side of the CW’s shared universe behind and,

along with fellow mystics like Nora Durk, a resurrected Constantine can bring DC’s other magical creatures such as Felix Faust. Dr. Occult, Baron Winters, and even Spector properly in Arrowverse.

The CW recently renewed all five of its DC series for the 2019 season and is contesting a sixth: Batwoman, so the network may not have a spot for Constantine Season 2 right now. However, the evil wicked had already removed the miracle.

The real magical power of John Constantine is his immense popularity; If there is enough uproar, the CW may give fans the long-awaited Constantine season 2, as John will be dislodged from the Legends of Women’s tomorrow.

When will DC’s Constantine Season 2 Release?

So far no release date has been taken out by DC Films and Warner Bros. yet. The film has officially received a green light. But still, no news has been released about the presentations.

The film is set to release within a year or two as soon as productions begin. And the expected release date is 2022.

Keanu Reeves will return for the Cast of Constantine Season 2?

If Constantine 2 happens, Keanu Reeves will undoubtedly return as John Constantine. He has expressed interest in playing the character again and is already going back to a previous franchise playing Neo again in The Matrix.

As Peter Stormare was about to discuss the development of the sequel, it would appear that Lucifer would return for Constantine 2 as well. No other actor teased his participation.

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Constantine 2 Director and Producer

Constantine 2 is the sequel to the current film Constantine which was released in 2005. The Constantine film was based entirely on the comic book Hellblazer.

Director: Francis Lawrence

Author: Jamie Delano (Comic Book Writer “Hellblazer”), Garth Annies (Comic Book Writer “Hellblazer”)

The Constantine Season 2 Official Trailer!

No trailer for Constantine’s sequel has been released yet. It will release along with the release date of the film. Till then check out the first part if you haven’t.

We will updates the post as soon as we get any new news about the upcoming season of Constantine.

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