Crown Season 4 Ending Explained! Plot Details and Spoilers

Crown Season 4

Crown Season 4 Ending: Everything you should know

The final round of the fourth season of Round the Crown began with the eleven-year tenure of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. At the beginning of the season, he was named U.K. The first female Prime Minister was appointed.


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He quickly gained notoriety for his strict measures and indomitable actions, what anyone would say about him. In the final episode, she finds herself against members of her own party, when Sir Geoffrey Howe resigns from his post and opens doors for others to express open dissent against the Prime Minister.

It gets tough for him, as well as Charles and Diana. If you haven’t made up with the show yet, head to Netflix.

Crown Season 4 Ending

Crown Season 4 Plot Details: Quick Recap

With her own party against him, Thatcher decides not to go down without a fight, but everyone is advised to let it rest. The first ballot fails to respond favorably to her, and by the time the second ballot gets things done, Thatcher’s meeting with the queen makes her reconsider her actions.

While Britain undergoes a political turmoil with Thatcher, facing the worst kind of betrayal, Charles and Diana face all the problems in their marriage. Earlier, Diana had tried her best to please her husband and rule whatever love he had in their marriage.

But after the ski accident, Charles was clear about the fact that he could no longer live with Diana in his marriage, which has now turned into a love affair. In the end, Diana resumes her case and this gives Charles a chance to discuss this with the Queen.


He expresses a desire to move forward with isolation, but there are many problems on that front as well. Diana’s subsequent solo trip to New York adds to the tension between them. Charles believes that he will fail completely on this, which will give him more reason to speak against him.

Crown Season 4 Ending Explained!

The season went well with Thatcher leaving 1990 in Downing Street. While the queen now had some differences with the former prime minister, she recognizes her understanding of the Iron Lady.

She feels terrible for the way Thatcher was made to leave the office and call her for a final meeting, so that they can find some harmony in her departure. The queen speaks of the time she ascended the throne and how the men around her tried to graze her in her own way.

The Queen commended Thatcher for walking on the same grounds and facing all difficulties. She honors him with the Order of Merit, an honor bestowed only to twenty-four living recipients. Thatcher leaves Downing Street torn apart and marks the end of an era for the country’s political landscape.


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While the show ends his story right there, and he probably won’t see much in the coming season, Thatcher doesn’t suddenly disappear from politics. She retired from the House in 1992, two years later, and has been vocal about all domestic and international events.

Once again, Charles wishes for Diana to be separated from her mother, but in return she receives a harsh response. Philip tries to console Diana, but he makes it clear that Charles should refuse to come as soon as possible (as everyone promises him), to take strict action to ensure his happiness Will be forced.

She will insist on a formal separation from him. The season ends with much clarity on Charles and Diana’s relationship, where both have admitted that their union is never going to make them happy.

How Crown Season 4 Ended?

The story ends in the year 1990, at the turn of a new decade. In the next season, a highly turbulent time is on the horizon for the royal couple and the entire royal family. In fact, they officially separated in 1992 and divorced in 1996.

In 1997, Diana met with a terrible accident that claimed her life. This arch will be considered in the next season, giving us more information about how the events unfolded and how the royal family dealt with it.