Web series Kota Factory Season 2: Latest Release Date Updates, Plot...

Kota Factory Season 2: Latest Release Date Updates, Plot & Spoilers


Kota Factory Season 2: Everything We Should Know

Kota Factory Raghav Subbu’s 2019 Indian Hindi web series by “The Viral Fever,” is India’s first black and white web series. In 2019, the Kota factory replaced the top IMDb network chain in India.


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However, he was unhappy with this and said that he did not criticize the IIT coaching environment. Compared to other audiences, however, most students across the country enjoy and engage with the program. It is not surprising why the crowd cannot wait for the second season.

The show’s producer Saurabh Khanna said that through the Kota factory, he planned to change his views about the preparation of Kota and IITs. This is still a factor that underlines the trauma of school in the lives of students. The show began concurrently on 16 April 2019 on TVFPlay and YouTube.

Kota Factory Season 2: Release Date

The Kota factory is scheduled for a second season in early 2020. The teaser was actually released for the upcoming season. However, the bad news is that the season 2 release date has still not been announced. The second chapter of the show is scheduled to begin in the immediate future.


Kota Factory 2: Renewal Status

The green light for Season 2 is definitely given to the Kota Factory. The show’s three producers published the news publicly and repeated the news in a live stream. You will also realize that they release high-quality content after watching many TVF shows.

To publicize such valuable content, they need time. Two or three years out, they will sometimes schedule a new season. Filming of season 2 is underway so that you can wait for the next release.

Which Celebrities Are Returning for the Cast of Season 2 of Kota Factory?

Fans can expect the Main cast from the previous season to return for the next season of the show. The cast for season 2 will include:

Jitendra Kumar as Jitendra Bhaiya
Mayur More as Vaibhav Pandey
Feeling Channa as Shivangi Ranaut
Alam Khan as Uday Gupta
Revathi Pillai as Vartika Ratwal
Ranjan Raj as Balamankund Meena
Urvi Singh as Meenal Parekh

Kota Factory Season 2 Plot Details and Spoilers

You will know that Vaibhav is packed and has gone from production level to Maheshwari level if you remember what happened in Stage 1, then. His good friends and romantic interests have to be abandoned. His child prodigy teacher Jeetu Bhaiya asked him to leave because it was for his betterment that he faced a problem when it came to traveling.


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Inexperienced friend Uday reveals his mature face and shows Vaibhav and Meena that the ultimate aim of being a seat in IIT is to make it a priority. Season 1 ends this way, but you can expect season 2 to begin. How to handle grandeur without friends? Whose head is the gang going to? These are addressed in the second season of Kota Factory.

Where to Watch Kota Factory Season 2?

Season 1 of the show was released on Youtube and on the TVF App. So fans can expect season 2 of Kota Factory to also release on youtube and the TVF app. Season 1 of the show is still available on youtube in case you have not watched it yet. 


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