Web seriesMadam Secretary Season 7 Canceled or Renewed? Latest Updates

Madam Secretary Season 7 Canceled or Renewed? Latest Updates


Will Madam Secretary Return for Season 7?

When the first episode of Madam Secretary’s final season aired, there was a major change in the show’s opening credits. The title card reflected the change, due to the fact that the series was now choosing alongside McCord as she became the first female president in American history.

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Where the title card read “Madam Secretary” in previous sessions, it now reads “Madam Speaker”. This caused some speculation to fans of the show, who were devastated to learn that the sixth season would be it’s last.

Were it possible, they were surprised that the repeal of the Madam Secretary would pave the way for McCone to concentrate as Commander-in-Chief, perhaps titled Madam President? When Twitter user ForeverDownton asked, “Can we be Madam President after Madam Secretary?”, I think there are a lot of stories you can still show us.

Madam Secretary Season 7 Canceled
Madam Secretary Season 7 Canceled

Unfortunately, for those fans who, due to poor ratings, it is unlikely that the Madam Presidential spin-off will materialize, and at this time, there are no announced plans for one. On the other hand, we are living in an era of shows that have been snatched from the jaws of cancellation by other networks.

What Madam Secretary is all about?

Aired on the CBS television network, Madam Secretary starred in recurring roles with Teya Leoni, Tim Daly, Zelko Ivanek, Patina Miller, Erich Bergen, Kevin Rahm, and Evan Roe, Clavis Davis, and Jose Zuniga. As US Secretary of State for five years, Elizabeth McCord (Leonie) struggled with office politics, pursuing diplomacy and negotiating global deals.

In the sixth and final season, Elizabeth now holds the top spot in the land with the help of her team. Members include chief of staff Russell Jackson (Ivanek); Advisor to President Mike Barnow (Rahm); Press Secretary Daisy Grant (Miller); And charming assistant Blake Moran (Bergen).

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As Elizabeth debates policy on Capitol Hill and fights opponents, she returns to the White House residence with her pro-husband, theology-professor-first-gentleman Henry (Daly), and her children. Warm-up occurs. It is there that “politics” and “compromise” take on a new meaning.

Madam Secretary Season 7 Release Date: Is it Canceled?

‘Madam Secretary Season 6 premiered on CBS on October 6, 2019. After a period of 10 episodes, it ended on December 8, 2019. Ranked sixth internationally on Netflix on May 16, 2020.

The finale covers all the plotlines in the 10th episode. So this brings up the next question. Is the show over? Unfortunately yes, and CBS revealed this way before the season 6 premiere. In May 2019, Kelly Kahl, president of CBS Entertainment, announced during the Network Upfront Press Breakfast.

Why 7th Season of the Madam Secretary was Canceled?

To the question of why Madame Secretary was being considered to be canceled in the first place, there is a very simple answer: the ratings were not very good. For its first few seasons, the show was doing well, averaging over a million viewers and competing with Criminal Minds and Voice (via Deadline).

However, those numbers were not final. In subsequent seasons, Madam Secretary saw a huge drop in viewership. According to TVLine, the show was in a bubble of cancellation in its last few seasons. According to TV by the numbers, the premiere of the first season of Madam Secretary attracted around 14 million viewers.

In contrast, the premiere of the fifth season exceeded that number by half, with just over 6 million viewers. The show’s sixth season was announced alongside CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl. We want to be able to do this and send a big show of respect and celebration.

“The final season’s episode count was also down to just ten (via Deadline), normally down from 20-23 episodes per season. It is clear that while CBS had a high regard for the show, the powers that be could not justify keeping it on the air.

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