Web seriesnetflixNetflix's Secrets of Saqqara Tomb Review: Reveals Ancient Egypt

Netflix’s Secrets of Saqqara Tomb Review: Reveals Ancient Egypt


Netflix Secrets of Saqqara Tomb Plot: What the Documentary is all about?

A fully protected and never looted site was reported by a team of Egyptian archaeologists in 2018 in Necropolis, Sakkara. This is where the documentary begins, and it supports the painstaking efforts it takes to find out more about the dedicated bunch of lives. And the death of the owner of the grave- Vahti.

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As a high-ranking priest, Wahti had all the luxuries of the time. But archaeologists uncover with each passing day, the more they realize that he was quite an esoteric personality. It is their job to be ignorant of the truth, but they might not come to the conclusion that they had conceived all along.

Secrets of Saqqara Tomb Review

Secrets of Saqqara Tomb Egypt
Secrets of Saqqara Tomb Egypt

As far as the subject of the documentary is concerned, it cannot be denied that Wahti is an attractive and intriguing person. He related how ancient Egypt’s high society would be, and naturally, luxury was rich in his life.

But what archaeologists found in the tomb has the potential to disturb this notion. We don’t want to give any spoilers, but it would be remiss if we didn’t at least mention that you should examine the piece for the various theories that these experts bring up.

When it comes to informative presentations about ancient Egypt, more famous places such as the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Luxor, Abu Symbol, and Alexandria usually dominate the narrative. Therefore, it is appreciated that the mystery of ara sekra really sheds light on the country’s lesser-known necropolis.

Secrets of Saqqara Tomb Egypt
Secrets of Saqqara Tomb Egypt

We certainly believe that the above-mentioned sites have their own place and legend in history. After all, stories and myths accompany us down the rabbit hole (in the best possible way) about ancient Egypt in the first place.

The Document Reveals Secrets about Ancient Egypt

However, the history of a particular civilization is vast, and even in itself is basically an understanding, given that they survived over the course of 30 centuries! There is no other era that can compare the heritage of ancient Egypt.

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The fact that Netflix has chosen a different location is beneficial for production, especially because it introduces legends from history that are not often discussed in mainstream media.

Secrets of Saqqara Tomb: A Little Slow Paced but Covers Every Aspects

The Secret of Saqqara ‘is a slow-paced documentary; It takes its time to make evidence before it presents the hypothesis. If you’re not a fan of this genre of storytelling, it can be a little difficult for you to figure out what’s going on, and it’s a potential crutch for the film. However, I think its speed is reasonable.

It is almost like it tells you how many challenges archaeologists face in order to meet their goals. The nuances and nuances of finding priceless treasures from the past are also well explored in the documentary. We meet academically inclined team members such as Mohammed Mohammad Yousef, who is also the director of the site, and Amira Shaheen, a professor of rheumatology at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Cairo University.

They are instrumental in drawing a more accurate picture of what can happen to Wahiti back in the day based on the information already there. But it is admirable that the documentary does not leave any man behind. We are also introduced to men like Foreman Mustafa and Sadek Mahmood and Garib Ali Mohammed Abushauha, both of whom are tasked to retrieve the sacred artifacts.

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Given the treasures that can be found at such sites, it is essential for all those people to know what they are doing. It is the certain elegance and fragility that excavators need to possess, and the grime also walks us through this aspect of extraction.

Netflix’s Secrets of Saqqara Tomb is a Really Informative Documentary

Then, there are Nermeen and Nabil, who so easily translate the hieroglyphs on the tomb walls. In fact, they are the ones who for the first time realize that the site holds many secrets that have not yet been revealed.

This tune of interviews with people across the board really lends itself to the documentary’s atmosphere and authenticity; You get the story straight from the horse’s mouth. Lastly, we cannot mention the passion and enthusiasm that each member of the team brings to the table. In our opinion, this is the most compelling aspect of the documentary.

The love, communion, enthusiasm, and emotion everyone shows will really pull you in; You can feel their feelings so clearly. They are excited, they are patient, they are polite, they are nervous, they are disappointed, but most of all, they are hopeful. Until the end, you cannot help them and hope for them to complete the task.

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