AnimeOnyx Equinox New Trailer Released! Latest Release date Updates

Onyx Equinox New Trailer Released! Latest Release date Updates


Recently, A new trailer for Onyx Equinox has been released by Crunchyroll. The trailer also reveals many details about the upcoming anime.

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What do we know about The Release Date of Onyx Equinox?

As Halloween is around the corner, Crunchyroll recently released information about a new character as well as a dark new trailer, which will feature in the upcoming Crunchyroll series Onex Equinox.

The trailer can be seen on Crunchyroll’s official site, but we request readers to watch it carefully because it contains blood and is very intense.
The journey of the protagonist of the series, Joe Ezell, will begin in the next month on November 21.

Onyx Equinox
Onyx Equinox

Which Characters are included in the Cast of Onyx Equinox?

The main character, Izel, is forced to save the world by closing the five gates of the underworld. The second character is Zanya who is a warrior and wants to revive her city which is destroyed by her powerful ability.

Apart from these, Yun and Kin are also twins, the latter being naughty and preferring to take risks while the other is the emotional core for the twin group.

What does the Trailer Reveals about the Onyx Equinox?

The creator and showrunner of the series, Sophia Alexander, said that viewers of the anime dark series, Onyx Equinox, can expect an adult story as it will also deal with such themes and on-screen action. It was said to be in sync with the release of the trailer.

A trailer was also released earlier and is also available on the official site of Crunchierol which is known for much anime streaming and one can read the manga there too.

What can we expect from the Plot of Onyx Equinox?

She also briefly described the plot of the series that it would be a journey with Izel as she would be forced to save a world to which she does not believe she belongs and that the two would come to face the darkness. Him and the darkness of the world as well.

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Onyx Equinox: Where to Watch?

The animated show is a Crunchyroll original, which means it will release on the same streaming platform. So the viewers can stream the anime series on Crunchyroll once it is released.

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