Operation Christmas Drop Ending Explanation and Plot Details

Operation Christmas Drop

Operation Christmas Drop Ending: Everything You Should Know

‘Operation Christmas Drop’ is a Netflix film about the spirit of human kindness and generosity that develops during Christmas. The story follows Erica Miller, a congressional aide, to the US Air Force base in Guam, as she tackles an assignment to oversee operations and suggest budget cuts and ways to increase cost-efficiency.


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But his real objective, according to the instructions of his boss, is to create a report that justifies a complete shutdown of operations on that basis. Soon, she meets Captain Andrew Jantz, who is hell-bent on proving to Erica why it is really important to shut down the project.

Operation Christmas Drop Plot: What Happens in the Movie

Operation Christmas Drop Ending

Congressmen suspect Anderson Air Force Base to exploit taxpayers’ dollars for Operation Christmas Drop, a 70-year-old humanitarian effort to supply airdrops every Christmas in the far-flung islands of Micronesia that reach the waterways It’s difficult.

If Erica can get the report on time, she wants to be a shoo-in for the employees’ job. Since Congressmen want Erica to reveal her findings about the operation before Christmas, she cancels her Christmas plan with family and chiefs in Guam.

Based on Anderson, General Hatcher calls Erica to show him around the island and facility and to make sure he writes them a favorable report so that they don’t close. Plans to distract Erika from surface operations and sightseeing immediately stop when she realizes that Erika is as fast as they come and misses nothing.

The two initially clash, but then he sincerely asks her to give him 24 hours which shows him exactly what they do under Operation Christmas Drop. Andrew, nicknamed CLAWS, promises him that they are not even using one percent of taxpayers’ dollars to fund the operation but it runs solely on donations. Erica agrees to give her 24 hours before writing her report.


Andrew takes her to one of the remote islands where they supply, and Erica meets the local community and learns about their living conditions. She is shaken by her plight and understands why the islanders need a supply of essential items such as food, medicines, clothes, toys, tools, and books.

The team of his good work on Andrew and Anderson is basically saving thousands of lives by donating their off time and the efforts of Operation Christmas Drop. They organize a Christmas-themed fundraiser to receive more donations from local crowds and people of influence.

Operation Christmas Drop: How does it Ends

A storm system is underway, so Andrew and his team begin Operation Christmas Drop before Christmas so that they can still fly safely. But if the weather did not endanger their safety, the generals would not allow them to fly if there was no improvement.

Unexpectedly, Erica’s boss, the congresswoman, arrives at Anderson Air Force Base and instead of a report, Erica helps the officers and the locals pack supplies to the airdrop. He is upset and Erica is immediately taken to Washington D.C. Orders to return.

Erica, through packing her belongings, realizes that she can no longer deliver and that she has seen the operation before leaving Guam. She talks to Andrew and accepts the Christmas miracle that makes the weather better. Now that the storm has subsided for tropical storms, operations can begin without delay.

Congressman Bradford again tries to stop the operation, but Erica appeals to her good-natured nature and asks him to join her so that she can see for herself that Operation Christmas Drop is a very good reason.

They all fly to the islands and, from afar, drop boxes full of supplies into the sea as the locals below rush to retrieve them, all cheering for their respective saints. The whole experience is very moving for Bradford.

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He agrees to go through Erica’s report, suggesting that Anderson’s facility can remain functional only by incorporating some budget cuts here and there. Bradford tells Erica that the head of the staff job is D.C. I must be waiting for him when he returns to work after the holidays.

The film ends with Andrew and Erica kissing after he tells her that he managed to get his family all the way to Guam so that he can spend Christmas with them.

Operation Christmas Drop Quick Review

The film is filled with a generous Christmas spirit that is synonymous with holiday-themed entertainment. But we would prefer a better, more 3-dimensional backstory for the protagonist and certainly a deeper romantic relationship if the producers are classifying it as romance.

By the end of the film, the audience is possibly left confused about whether Erica and Andrew also like each other more than friends or if it’s just a holiday break.