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Pokemon Journey Season 3: Release date, Trailer, Cast and Plot


Pokemon Journey Season 3 Everything about the Series

Pokémon Journey season 3 on Netflix is ​​coming to the end of 2020. New and refreshing episodes of this long-running anime series will be released in December at Christmas time. It is the much-awaited TV series that recently debuted on Netflix in 2020 with a new title.

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Pokemon Journey Season 2 Renewal Status:

Netflix renewed the series for the new season due to its success. This anime was produced by Satoshi Tajiri and written by Takeshi Shudo. The Walk of the Earth in the anime series is a completely new theme song written and performed by the band.

Pokemon Journeys Season 3
Pokemon Journeys Season 3

After the first season of the anime, Netflix released season 2 (part 2) on September 11, 2020. Now, they will release season 3 before 2020 ends.

Pokémon Journey Season 3 Release Date on Netflix:

There is official confirmation and renewal news from Netflix. ‘Pokemon Journey 3 Season 3 (Part 3) will be released on December 4, 2020 in US territories. In addition, Part 3 will include 12 episodes.

If you are the one living outside the US territory, a large collection of films such as the anime series or the title Pokémon can be seen on Netflix worldwide.

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Which Cast and characters are Returning for Pokemon Journey Season 3?

Fans can expect most of our favorite characters to return for the upcoming season of the pokemon including:

Pikachu – Ikani
Satoshi – Rika Matsumoto
Narrator – Rodgar Parsons and Unsho Ishizuka
Wobbuffet – Kazi Rogers
Kojira – Shinichiro Mickey

What Can Fans Expect from the Plot of Season 3 of Pokemon Journey?

“In the World Coronation Series ranking match, Satoshi comes face to face with an old rival and friend: gym leader Cornie and his Lucario!

It’s a two-on-two fight with Satoshi’s Ganger and Koursu vs. Carney’s Kojondo and Lucario! Satoshi and his new team of Pokémon must find a way to battle and emerge through victory, while Go sees the mega-evolution for the first time. “

Pokemon Journey Season 3 Trailer and When will the show Release in the US?

Recently, a trailer was dropped for the upcoming season of the show. Pokémon Journey: The Series (Season 3 (Part 3)) will be available on Netflix US on December 4, 2020.

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