Web seriesQueen of the South Season 5 Renewed! Release &...

Queen of the South Season 5 Renewed! Release & Production Updates


No fan would know that Queen of the South was renewed on 29 August last year with the season 4 finale. The series has received numerous awards and accolades since its release in mid-2016.

Queen of the South Season 5 Production Status Updates

The making of Queen of the South Season 5 was badly affected in the wake of the Queen-19 epidemic. We all know how China’s Wuhan-emerging coronavirus and its spread in a global epidemic brought the entertainment industry to a standstill with immeasurable financial losses.

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Almost all television series and movie projects were halted and postponed indefinitely. The Queen of South Season 5 is on its way to the USA Network after several months of delays and uncertainty due to the Kovid-19 pandemic.

Good to know and fans are excited after the crew’s return to filming. Alice Braga recently shared a sneak peek on social media from the set of Queen of the South. The photos reveal that filming has been resumed for season 5 and the crew members are back on set.

Queen of the South 5
Queen of the South 5

Expected Release Date for Season 5 of Queen of the South

According to Newsweek, Season 5 debuted in March 2020, with plans to begin airing in June. However, as with most other film and TV shoots this spring, production for the next season of Queen of the South was put on an indefinite hiatus a few weeks after it began.

At the time of this writing, filming was not officially resumed, although Express UK is reporting that there are plans to return the cast to production by the end of October 2020. If it keeps the targeted production date, it will release for Season 5 in early 2021.

May still be possible. Newsweek has also reported a fan rumor that the season of the show will premiere on March 5, 2021. Although it has not been verified by the USA Network, it appears that the likely timeline for release, given the production delays.

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At the moment, there is no exact indication of when Season 5 of Queen of the South will premiere, but based on what we know, we are speculating that it will fall sometime in early 2021.

Which Celebs are going to return for the Cast of Queen of the South Season 5?

All of the lead actors are expected to return for another series for the USA Network and Netflix shows. Certainly, the show will definitely return with its name, Will Queen of the South, Teresa Mendoza (played by Alice Baga).

Other stars hoping to make a comeback are Pote Galvez (Hemki Madera), James Valdez (Peter Gadiott) and Alonzo Loya (Nick Sagar). One character who is not making a comeback, however, is Tony Parra (Julian Silva), when he was killed in an explosion in the season finale.

What can Fans expect from the Plot of Queen of the South Part 5?

The fifth season will remove all possible obstacles that come Teresa’s path. He has to elevate himself and grapple with unimaginable crises. With Molly Burnett’s character now in the lead, we can also expect to see a new arc with her return to New Orleans.

Speaking to The Digital Spy, Alice Braga talked about the show, but did not give anything as expected. She said, “A lot is going to happen in season five because she (Teresa) has reached a point where she is a really powerful woman.”

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