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Ratched Season 2 Release Date Updates! Cast & Plot Details


Will the Show Ratched Return for a Season 2?

Netflix did not pull its punches, securing Murphy’s latest project. The early order method in 2017 was for two seasons, not just the one we’ve seen, so there’s definitely a second on the way. As before, it will also boast nine episodes.

Interestingly, Paulson – who is playing the character – Elle.com was informed that there may be more on the way, though this is yet to be formally confirmed.

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When will Ratched Season 2 Release on Netflix?

Netflix was so confident in Ryan Murphy and Evan Romansky’s new series that he ordered two seasons back in September 2017. At the time, Deadline reported that Netflix commissioned 18 episodes of Ratched in total, meaning that season two could possibly be a 10-episode run.

Ratched Season Two
Ratched Season Two

As long as we can expect to see it, the show’s return date is uncertain due to the currently ongoing coronavirus epidemic, especially when cases have begun to increase worldwide recently.

If filming can go on as early as 2021, it is possible that we may see ratched season two in early 2022.

What can fans expect from the plot of season 2 of Ratched?

Ratched’s finale in Season Two created an epic confrontation situation in Season Two, as Mildred’s unmarried foster brother Edmund planned to destroy his illustrious life in Mexico.

However, she makes it clear in an intense phone conversation that she went down without any fuss, announcing her intention to take him down once and for all.

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We hope that season two will revolve around his deadly game of cat and mouse, as well as how it affects the people in his life, including Cynthia Nixon’s Gwendolyn Briggs.

Which Celebs are included in the Cast of Ratched Season 2?

Near Ratched season 1, we saw Lucia’s (Finn Wittrock) “star” patient with patients Charlotte (Sophie Okonido) and motel owner Louise (Amanda Plummer) escape from the hospital and pause for Mexico, where Mildred had eloped with her unwell partner Gwendolyn (Nixon).

While not all of these actors end up confirming that they will definitely be reprising their roles in Ratched Season 2, it certainly indicates which characters can pop again.

We will likely see the reappearance of California Governor George Wilburn (Vincent D’Onfrio) and – fingers crossed – Rachd’s illustrious arch-rival, Nurse Bucket (Judy Davis).

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