Web series Rogue City Ending Full Explanation and Plot Details

Rogue City Ending Full Explanation and Plot Details


What do we know about Rogue City?

‘Rogue City’, also known as the ‘Bronx’, is a French action thriller that suggests that natural rivalry between police and gangsters leads to some disastrous results. Directed by Olivier Marchel.

It features great performances by Lannick Gautry, Stanislas Merer, Caris, Patrick Catalifo, Jean Reno, and Catherine Marchell. Hang on tight, because, in this article, we discuss what the end of the film is.

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Plot of Rogue City

Richard Vronsky is a member of the Gang-Anti-Brigade, and while he may employ some unorthodox methods, he feels he needs to get the results he wants. However, the rivalry between the gang in Marseille becomes maddening and more violent.

With each passing day, the police have to do their best so that their personal lives do not interfere with their dangerous profession. Eventually, corruption and dishonesty surrounded him. Although Vronsky tries his best to protect his teammates, the consequences of his actions can cost him his life.

Rogue City
Rogue City

What’s Happens in the Novel Rogue City?

For Bin Bulaan, the novel is a widely acclaimed story of Anna Karina, and it beautifully combines themes of love, lust, jealousy, betrayal, and life in high society to deliver a story of tragedy. He has an affair with Count Alexei Kirilovich Vronsky and as the plot progresses, his life slowly opens up.

In the end, his depression and paranoia lead him to commit suicide by jumping in front of the train tracks. In particular, Kapelian’s act of suicide prohibited this conversation between Vronsky and Maranzano. (An irony in this regard is that even in the novel, Anna has died at the very beginning when a train attendant falls on the tracks and is killed). We also argue that Willie City represents Anna Karinena in Rogue City. ‘

How Rogue City Ended?

Katrina, Vronsky go to their residence, to make a deal with the Bastiani monastery. He has a notebook from Costa, which details every transaction the slain soldier had committed to the crime syndicate. Wronski also states that since one of his own companions was killed in a beach encounter, the Narcotics Department would not spare anyone.


Nayak calls Nadal and asks him to meet him at the general meeting place at 6 pm. In the car, Campana is also with Vronsky. When the gangster pulls up, the police hand him a bag that is full of money. In the ensuing transformation, Wronski’s team kills Nadal and his crew, after which, they put guns in their car to frame the gangsters for a southbound beach shootout.

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Back at the Leonetti residence, the daughter talks to her father about his devious past and is lied to by them. Looking at the photo of her and a woman in the file, he explains that she is the wife of one of the thugs in prison. The Bastiani family blackmailed her and threatened to reveal the secret to the husband, resulting in the daughter’s death, along with her. He says that he had no choice.

Why does Willy Kills his Family?

In an alcohol-fueled crowd, Willy goes home and shoots his family before finally killing himself. Although the looks of the train are certainly missing in ‘City Rogue City’, it is clear that both Kapellian and Anna Karenina were souls with the same trajectory and objectives. We also cannot help but think that if Vronsky had never performed that operation before, Willie, his wife, and their children would still be alive.

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Before we end this discussion, we want to clarify that Vronsky is not a villain who does not care about his team. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. We also argue that there is a very fine line between being a hero and being a maleist that the film actually plays together. Something must also be said for the fact that the whole incident only creates more problems for them.


Also, if the firing had never happened before, the undercover agent would not have died. As a result, the chain of reaction would not exist, meaning that Vronsky and his companions were still alive. As a life with Count Vronsky, Anna Karenina caused pain, eventually, a mission with Wronski cost Willie Kapelian his life.

Rogue City Plot Twist Explained!

Wroneski’s team appears to go their separate ways and the day they appear to be surviving, you would expect the film to end. However, as Vronski is enjoying life at sea, we notice seeing a speedboat and approaching.

Then we took turns cutting each member of Vronsky’s team in turn as they were all violently killed. Georges Campana was first targeted as he stumbled across the road and is sunk in his own swimming pool by an unknown assailant next to Leonetti.

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Max and Zach were sitting in a car and talking when two gunmen show up on a motorbike, shooting and killing both of them. Settlements are also not safe from the explosion in their car while starting the engine.

The final two murders are the most difficult as Vronsky is shot upon seeing wife Zoe and Leonetti’s daughter is confronted by two men, though we never see her actual fate. Vronsky’s rival police officer behind all this is Narcotics Bureau Deputy Chief Stephen Jankovic, who is shown making a call before Leonetti’s daughter is set.

Although it is not clearly articulated, it appears that Jankovic’s murder spree is an attempt to wipe out corrupt police officers, who have seen Botanias walking freely as an undercover member of his team, Joe was killed as a result of Wronski’s unconventional methods.

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